Show Me the Body Frontman Shoves Selfie-Taking Fan Off Stage into a Stack of Speakers: Watch

Vocalist Julian Cashwan Pratt sent the fan hurling into the PA speakers

show me the body selfie stage dive
Show Me the Body, via Instagram

    At a hardcore show, there is inherent interaction between audience and performer, whether it be stage diving, crowdsurfing, or circle pits. But taking selfies onstage while the band plays? Get outta here!

    That’s what one unfortunate fan discovered — quite literally — when he got onstage at a recent Show Me the Body concert and began filming himself alongside frontman Julian Cashwan Pratt. When the vocalist notices what’s going on, he gives the selfie-seeker a hearty shove directly into the stage-right PA speakers.

    Both the fan and speakers topple to the floor. Not only did this guy piss off Pratt, but probably the soundguy, too. The shame doesn’t end there. Show Me the Body obtained frontrow footage of the incident and shared it to their Instagram for the world to see.


    “NO DISRESPECT,” reads the band’s post caption, which could be read in two ways: no disrespect to the selfie guy; or, perhaps: Don’t disrespect the band while it’s performing. As of this article, the post has amassed 12,000-plus likes.

    The New York hardcore/noise rock act is currently on the road with Soul Glo and WiFiGawd. The run continues Wednesday night (August 3rd) in Seattle and wraps up August 13th in Baltimore. Pick up tickets via Ticketmaster.

    Watch Show Me the Body’s Julian Cashwan Pratt toss the selfie-taking fan into the speakers in the Instagram video below.

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