Queen Unearth Lost Freddie Mercury Song “Face It Alone”: Stream

The newly rediscovered track dates back the 1988 sessions for The Miracle

Queen unearth lost Freddie Mercury song "Face It Alone"
Queen, photo by Richard Young

    Queen have unearthed a previously unreleased song featuring Freddie Mercury. Entitled “Face It Alone,” the track was originally recorded during the band’s 1988 sessions for their album The Miracle.

    Surviving Queen members Roger Taylor and Brian May discovered the song while working on a forthcoming reissue of The Miracle. “We’d kind of forgotten about this track,” admitted Taylor, “but there it was, this little gem. It’s wonderful, a real discovery. It’s a very passionate piece.”

    You can stream “Face It Alone” via a newly released lyric video below.

    “Face It Alone” will also appear on Queen’s forthcoming archival box set, The Miracle Collector’s  Edition, alongside several other unreleased recordings, demos, spoken word segments between band members, and more. Due out on November 18th in a variety of configurations, pre-orders for The Miracle Collection’s Edition are now ongoing.


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    The Miracle Collector’s Edition Artwork:

    Queen's The Miracle Collector's Edition artwork

    The Miracle Collector’s Edition Tracklist:

    CD1 – 2011 Bob Ludwig Master
    01. Party
    02. Khashoggi’s Ship
    03. The Miracle
    04. I Want It All
    05. The Invisible Man
    06. Breakthru
    07. Rain Must Fall
    08. Scandal
    09. My Baby Does Me
    10. Was It All Worth It

    CD2 – The Miracle Sessions
    01. Party (Original Take)
    02. Khashoggi’s Ship (Original Take)
    03. The Miracle (Original Take With John’s Ending)
    04. I Want It All (Original Take)
    05. The Invisible Man (Early Version With Guide Vocal)
    06. When Love Breaks Up (Demo)
    07. Breakthru (Real Drums And Bass)
    08. Rain Must Fall (Demo)
    09. Scandal (Original Rough Mix)
    10. My Baby Loves Me
    11. Was It All Worth It (Original Take)
    12. You Know You Belong To Me
    13. I Guess We’re Falling Out (Demo)
    14. Dog With A Bone
    15. Water (Demo)
    16. Face It Alone

    CD3 – Alternative Miracle
    01. I Want It All (Single Version)
    02. Hang On In There [B-Side]
    03. Breakthru (12” Version)
    04. Stealin’ [B-Side]
    05. The Invisible Man (12” Version)
    06. Hijack My Heart [B-Side]
    07. Scandal (12” Version)
    08. My Life Has Been Saved [B-Side]
    09. Stone Cold Crazy (Live At The Rainbow, London ’74) [B-Side]
    10. My Melancholy Blues (Live At Houston, Texas ’77) [B-Side]
    11. Chinese Torture [Instrumental]


    CD4 – Miracu-mentals
    01. Party (Instrumental)
    02. Khashoggi’s Ship (Backing Track)
    03. The Miracle (Backing Track)
    04. I Want It All (Backing Track)
    05. The Invisible Man (Backing Track)
    06. Breakthru (Backing Track)
    07. Main Must Fall (Backing Track)
    08. Scandal (Backing Track)
    09. My Baby Does Me (Backing Track)
    10. Was It All Worth It (Backing Track)

    CD5 – The Miracle Interviews
    01. Queen For An Hour (Trailer)
    02. Queen For An Hour (Roger, John, Freddie & Brian with Mike Read)
    03. Queen For An Hour (Trailer Out-takes)
    04. Rockline (Brian & Roger with Bob Coburn)

    DVD / BLU-RAY – The Miracle Promo Videos
    01. I Want It All (Promo Video)
    02. Breakthru (Promo Video)
    03.The Invisible Man (Promo Video)
    04. Scandal (Promo Video)
    05. The Miracle (Promo Video)
    06. Was It All Worth It (Promo Video)
    07. The Making Of The Miracle Videos (Compiled by Rudi Dolezal, this feature contains behind the scenes footage of I Want It All, Scandal, The Miracle and Breakthru videos)
    08. The Miracle Interviews (Interviews with Roger, Brian and John on the set of the Breakthru film shoot in June 1989, by Gavin Taylor. John has given no further interviews since that day)
    09. The Making Of The Miracle Album Cover (Filmed in 1989, Queen’s graphic designer Richard Gray talks about and demonstrates how he made the ground-breaking The Miracle album cover)


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