Matty Healy Munches on Raw Meat Onstage at The 1975’s New York Show: Watch

A surprise meal during the "At Their Very Best Tour"

Matt Healy of The 1975 eating raw meat
Matt Healy of The 1975, photo via reddit

    Preparation for a coast-to-coast arena tour requires lots of exercise, thoughtful self-care, and a well-balanced diet. Matty Healy put the latter habit into effect onstage during The 1975’s Monday night stop in New York City, whipping out what appears to be a hunk of raw red meat and deliberately taking a bite of it.

    The feast went down in-between songs at Madison Square Garden, while a shirtless Healy was the only band member on the stage. A man in a white coat presented the frontman with a plate bearing the steak, and then Healy did as Healy does: Something inexplicably weird.

    Knowing what we know about The 1975’s artistic tendencies, we’re sure there’s some deeper message about modern technology and consumerism hidden in this peculiar fare. That doesn’t mean we can understand it, though. (Did anyone cut into the meat just to make sure it wasn’t actually cake?)


    After eating about three (sizable) bites of meat, Healy turned towards a stack of televisions playing news clips and other concerning images, and began doing pushups. Eventually, he crawled into one of the televisions, and returned in a new outfit to begin the second half of the set.

    Considering the meat moment arrived before the pushups and after he had sat on a couch with his hand on his crotch, it seemed to be a commentary on masculinity — something Healy has explored a great deal as of late. “Sorry if you brought your Dad to the show and I was touching my dick…. that’s your fault for bringing your Dad,” said Healy during the show.

    Watch audience-captured clips of Meaty Matty Healy chowing down on some raw meat below.

    The North American leg of The 1975’s “At Their Very Best Tour” kicked off last week and continues through mid-December; grab tickets to the remaining shows over at Ticketmaster. The gigs are in support of the band’s new album Being Funny In a Foreign Language.



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