The Strokes Collect Early Singles in New Vinyl Box Set

The Singles - Volume 01 boasts ten singles from the band's first three albums, as well as their companion B-sides

The Strokes in 2002
The Strokes, photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage

    The Strokes will compile some of their earliest singles in a new vinyl box set.

    Due out on February 24th, The Singles – Volume 01 boasts ten singles from the band’s first three albums, as well as their companion B-sides. All ten singles come pressed on black 7-inch vinyl, with the artwork from each original release replicated in the package. Pre-orders are now available via the band’s website and Amazon.

    Update – January 13th: The Strokes have shared “The Modern Age (Rough Trade Version),” which you can stream below.

    Additionally, videos for all ten singles have been re-released in high definition on the band’s YouTube channel.


    Producer Rick Rubin recently revealed that The Strokes worked on a new album on the top of a mountain in Costa Rica. Frontman Julian Casablancas later clarified that, “we’re still so extremely v far off from from being even close to any kinda remotely-near-doneness.” The band’s last album,  The New Abnormal, came in 2020.

    The Singles – Volume 01 Tracklist:
    1A. The Modern Age (Rough Trade Version)
    1B. Last Nite (Rough Trade Version)

    2A. Hard to Explain
    2B. New York City Cops

    3A. Last Nite
    3B. When It Started

    4A. Someday
    4B. Alone, Together (Home Recording)
    4BB. Is This It (Home Recording)

    5A. 12:51
    5B. The Way It Is (Home Recording)

    6A. Reptilia
    6B. Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men

    7A. The End Has No End
    7B. Clampdown (Live at Alexandria Palace)

    8A. Juicebox
    8B. Hawaii

    9A. Heart in a Cage
    9B. I’ll Try Anything Once (“You Only Live Once” Demo)

    10A. You Only Live Once
    10B. Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)

    The Strokes box set