9-Year-Old Girl Shreds Through 22 Tool Songs in Massive Guitar Medley: Watch

More virtuosity from young Maya Neelakantan

9 year old 30 song tool mashup
Maya Neelakantan (via YouTube) and Tool’s Adam Jones (photo by Johnny Perilla)

    Learning 22 Tool songs is a heck of a feat for any aspiring guitar player. Performing them as one 20-minute continuous jam is even more impressive — especially if you’re only nine years old.

    Young Maya Neelakantan is becoming a fixture on Heavy Consequence for her ability to emulate Tool guitarist Adam Jones. We previously covered her full playthrough of Fear Inoculum track “7empest,” as well as a 15-song medley she made after being gifted one of Jones’ prized signature model Les Paul guitars.

    Now Maya’s back with an even longer medley in celebration of “30 Years of Tool,” bridging riffs and guitar sequences from 22 different Tool songs into a singular 20-minute piece. This time, she set some ground rules for herself: The medley must span the band’s entire discography and progress in chronological order, beginning with “Opiate” and running through the 2022 re-imagining “Opiate 2.” The final video is mighty impressive, as Maya cleanly moves from song to song.


    “By playing these songs in order, I was really able to experience the changes and see how Tool evolved musically over the years which is a very special experience,” Maya wrote in the YouTube description. “It’s even more thrilling than listening to the songs. And it’s a different experience hearing the songs through the guitar perspective!”

    Having posted on January 15th, Maya also wished Jones a happy birthday: “To Mr Jones, my most favourite person in the world, I wish you a very very Happy Birthday!!”

    Watch Maya Neelakantan’s 22-song “30 Years of Tool” medley below.