15 Rising Artists to Watch in 2023

Across all genres, these are the emerging stars we're betting on this year

artists to watch 2023
Illustration by Allison Aubrey

    It’s 2023, and we’re previewing all of the music, movies and television that we’re excited about this year with a series of lists. So far, we’ve also published our Most Anticipated TV Shows list — and look out for more roundups this week.

    There are rising artists, and then there are rising artists that we can’t get enough of, to the point that we wonder, “Where have you been all our lives?” Each year, a handful of musicians become deserving household names — last year, we placed bets on artists who continue to swirl around 2023 festival lineups, like Wet Leg, Yard Act, and PinkPantheress.

    The road to becoming a top-tier artist is more complicated than ever, but here are 15 artists, listed in alphabetical order, that we feel are poised to make that jump. Remember these names — they’ll likely be headlining festivals and tours left and right someday soon.



    Canadian indie pop duo Babygirl are in search of classics. Their stellar 2021 EP Losers Weepers featured some undeniable sad bangers, especially focus track “Nevermind.” Where they usually turn inward and mine their most introspective feelings for moody tracks, “Nevermind” brought a much needed dose of fuzz and energy, and the EP’s corresponding songs followed suit. Vocalist Kiki Frances has a knack for writing powerful, resonant, and occasionally funny lyrics, always carefully composed and wistfully sung. With new music on the way, Babygirl are ready for their biggest year yet. — Paolo Ragusa

    Biig Piig

    Biig Piig’s strengths show in her evolution as an artist. The Irish singer and songwriter juxtaposed her delicate voice with a funky, rousing groove on 2020’s “Feels Right,” but on her 2021 EP The Sky Is Bleeding, she twisted her sound into something more unpredictable and stylized. With multiple impressive collaborations now under her belt and her tendency to swap back and forth between English and Spanish, Biig Piig’s debut mixtape Bubblegum (arriving this Friday, January 20th) is sure to be yet another expansive and infectious statement from Biig Piig. — P.R.


    Last year, singer-songwriter Sabrina Teitelbaum dropped her first four singles as Blondshell. With replayable songs like the low-key, hypnotic “Olympus” and the thrilling “Veronica Mars,” her strong voice and engaging writing were immediately apparent and very, very welcome. Luckily, she’s not planning on keeping fans waiting too long for more of her story-driven, expertly crafted indie rock. Her debut album is slotted for this year, and it won’t be one to miss. — Jonah Krueger



    Oozing with charisma, British R&B trio FLO is putting a modern spin on the pop-oriented perfection of groups like Destiny’s Child. Breaking out in 2022 with their debut single “Cardboard Box,” FLO burst onto the scene with attitude, tight harmonies, and irresistible hooks (“I’ma put your shit in a cardboard box”). Members Jorja Douglas, Stella Quaresma, and Renée Downer now have an EP’s worth under their belt, and with BBC Radio 1 crowning them “The Sound of 2023,” there’s no indication they’ll slow down any time soon. — J.K.