Caroline Polachek Shares New Single “Blood and Butter”: Stream

She also revealed the full tracklist for Desire, I Want to Turn into You featuring Grimes and Dido

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Caroline Polachek, photo by Nedda Afsari

    Caroline Polachek has shared another preview of her upcoming album Desire, I Want to Turn into You today with the new single “Blood and Butter.” Along with its release, the avant-pop artist has also revealed the album’s full tracklist, which boasts a collaboration with Grimes and Dido.

    Co-produced by Polachek and her frequent collaborator Danny L Harle, “Blood and Butter” takes obvious cues from ’90s and ’00s pop, blending a spirited, muscular beat with bright acoustic strums. In true Polachek fashion, the cheerful love song weaves clever wordplay and surreal imagery: “Look at you, all mythical, logical/ And Wikipediated/ Look how I forget who I was/ Before I was the way I am with you,” she sings. “Where did you come from, you?” As if the song wasn’t already whimsical enough, Polachek cues in a triumphant bagpipe solo, an apparent nod to her Celtic folk inspirations.

    “Blood and Butter” will be the eighth track on Desire, I Want to Turn into You. The album also features the 2022 singles “Billions,” “Sunset,” and “Welcome to My Island,” as well as 2021’s “Bunny Is a Rider.” Listen to “Blood and Butter” below, and then keep scrolling to see the entire tracklist.


    Desire, I Want to Turn into You is Polachek’s long-awaited follow-up to her proper debut solo LP, 2019’s Pang. She’ll celebrate the new record with a worldwide tour in 2023, which you can get tickets for at StubHub.

    Desire, I Want to Turn into You Tracklist:
    01. Welcome to My Island
    02. Pretty in Possible
    03. Bunny Is a Rider
    04. Sunset
    05. Crude Drawing of an Angel
    06. I Believe
    07. Fly to You (feat. Grimes and Dido)
    08. Blood and Butter
    09. Hopedrunk Everasking
    10. Butterfly Net
    11. Smoke
    12. Billions