Singer-Songwriter Julia Wolf Shares Origins of New Song “Now”: Exclusive

Inspired by her family, the subway, high school, and more

julia wolf now
Julia Wolf, photo by Shervin Lainez

    Origins is our recurring series that gives artists a space to break down everything that went into their latest release. Today, Julia Wolf takes us through “Now” and offers a freestyle version of the new track. 

    For New York-based pop artist Julia Wolf, the biggest ideas can start from the smallest of places.

    Penned in her apartment bedroom, Wolf’s new album, Good Thing We Stayed, arrives on Friday, January 13th. “This album is a collection of memories that have left heavy marks on my life,” she shares. First, she’s teasing the album with an alt version of “Now,” premiering exclusively on Consequence today (January 12th).

    With tracks like this one, Wolf is establishing herself as someone who leads with personal lyricism, connecting with people with heartfelt details and stories that span genres. The mood board for the track includes pop culture staples like vampire Edward Cullen from the Twilight series, a black cat, the iconic Ghostface from the Scream franchise, and more. Her penchant for horror and gothic images is balanced with humor and heart, all rolling together to create songs like “Now.”


    Check out the freestyle version of “Now” before the album version drops tomorrow, and read on for Wolf’s origins of the track.

    Update (January 13th): Listen to Good Thing We Stayed below.

    The L Train:

    Before I moved to Queens, I would commute to work every day from Long Island. The catch was to get a ride to the subway I’d have to leave the house with my father at 5:00 a.m. so he could drop me off at the L in Brooklyn near his job. The other catch was most nights we were both up till 1:00 a.m. when he’d pick me up from late studio sessions as I was on the grind of figuring out how to bring my music to life. There were many sleepless nights but I wouldn’t change any of it. It validated how much I was willing to do whatever it took to make things happen.


    So much of my music references my family, because they’ve been with me throughout this entire journey. My mom came to every open mic night, sometimes five [nights] a week, because I was too afraid to perform to a crowd. It was my dad who called off moving to a different country, putting his dreams aside, because he believed in my own too much to see them die. My sister is in everything I write and has given me the constant push to keep going, making a song like “Now” actually possible.


    North Shore High School:

    What might be my favorite line off this entire album is actually in this song. It goes, “Cannonball into the coffin and then wake up for school.” It’s exactly how I felt back in those North Shore days where my anxiety was preventing me from living my life. Every day was an internal struggle between who I was and who I believed I could be. I knew music was my dream and yet I couldn’t admit it out loud for the longest time.

    Times Square:

    To get to the old studio I used to intern, I would always have to walk through Times Square. I look back on those days when I was constantly looking up around me wondering how the heck anybody ever made it up there. It felt too big, too impossible, and in turn, made me feel too small, too invisible. But like the chorus of this song, flash forward years later and we somehow have had several billboards I’ve been able to be on. It’s unbelievable! To go from being so discouraged to crossing things off the list is such a gift and it all starts with betting on yourself and getting after it.