50 Most Anticipated Albums of 2023

Exciting new music coming from The Cure, boygenius, The National, Lana Del Rey, and more

most anticipated albums 2023
Illustration by Allison Aubrey

    No one really should have been shocked by how music unfolded in 2022. Everyone — everyone — was raring to get back out there. Artists that had sat on completed records for two years were finally able to share them with the world, while those who had spent their time cooped up writing new material had fresh songs ready to go. Still, it felt like there was an inundation of albums, which begs the question: Is there anything left for 2023?

    Dumb question. Of course there is. With the industry’s wheels turning at full capacity again, we have new music to look forward to from all corners of the landscape. Long-anticipated efforts from Gorillaz, Miley Cyrus, The Smashing Pumpkins, and (fingers crossed) Rihanna are expected. Icons like Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel, The Cure, and Shania Twain (!) are returning. Breakouts like Måneskin, Shame, Ice Spice, Bartees Strange, and Meet Me @ the Altar will deliver fresh full-lengths.

    And then there are those acts we haven’t seen for what feels like ages who are finally gifting us with their presence. Janelle Monáe is stepping off the screen and into our speakers. blink-182 have the classic lineup back together. boygenius are reuniting with each of the members at new peaks in their solo careers. The National are set to put an end to one of the longest gaps between LPs in their career. Frank Ocean. That’s it, just Frank Ocean.


    Although it’s early yet — and not all of these releases have been formally announced or confirmed — the stage is set for another strong year for music. If even half of the albums mentioned here live up to their own hype, it’s going to be a challenge making the inverse of this list come year’s end. But that’s a future-us problem; for now, we just can’t wait to hear these 50 anticipated albums.

    Ben Kaye
    Editorial Director

    Editor’s note: Check out our upcoming release calendar to see more albums arriving this year.


    Måneskin, RUSH! (January 20th)

    Italian quartet Måneskin have the rock world in their hands. With Eurovision, VMA, and Grammy recognition, not to mention TikTok virality, they’re well on their way to becoming one of the biggest names in modern rock — and they know it. RUSH!, their third studio, takes on the band’s new reality of stardom. The band’s trademark sassy, in-your-face sound backs themes of fame, sex, youth, and more. We’re beggin’ for it. — Jonah Krueger

    Samia, Honey (January 27th)

    It’s been over two years since Samia dropped her debut studio album, The Baby, instantly establishing her as one of the most exciting young singer-songwriters. Samia has been teasing LP2 for a little while now, dropping the Pink Balloon / Sea Lions EP in December 2022; it featured a few songs she’d recently released as singles, including “Mad At Me” and “Kill Her Freak Out.” As an artist, Samia plays with different genres and styles, oscillating between vulnerable, sparsely-produced confessionals and shake-your-ass synthpop. Honey features 11 tracks that expand upon the sonic blueprint established on The Baby, with collaborators Christian Lee Hutson, Briston Maroney, Jake Luppen, and Raffaella pitching in across the record. — Spencer Dukoff

    White Reaper, Asking for a Ride (January 27th)

    For their second major label full-length and fourth overall, Louisville rockers White Reaper are tapping into what works best for them: five guys rocking out together in a room. Early singles “Pages” and “Fog Machine” hint that Asking for a Ride will be driving deeper into a pop punk sensibility, signaling one of the most fun bands in rock is getting even funner. — B. Kaye