Balance Sheet: Indie Veteran Patrick Holland Break Downs Income and Expenses From Seven Concerts

A breakdown of the money Holland spent on travel, food, lodging, and personal entertainment, as well as his musical income from tour

balance sheet patrick holland income expenses tour
Patrick Holland, photo courtesy of the artist

    When it comes to rock and roll, sex and drugs are almost old fashioned while money is the last taboo. The music industry can be frustratingly opaque when it comes to income, lifestyle, and who can afford to be an artist, but our feature Balance Sheet hopes to change that. Today, Patrick Holland breaks down the income and expenses from his recent tour.

    Canadian producer Patrick Holland is a veteran of the electronic scene, with releases under aliases Project Pablo and Jump Source dating back almost a decade and even more experience working behind the boards as a mixing engineer, producer, and remixer for artists such as TOPS, Cut Copy, Jacques Greene, and Homeshake.

    In 2020, Holland retired his aliases and shared Reality Picture under his own name, and in 2022 he reintroduced himself with You’re the Bossa 12-track collection of bouncy, sun-soaked indy pop.


    In November 2022, Holland embarked on a seven-show run in support of Tonstartssbandht. We asked him to break down his incoming and outgoing funds across five categories: Travel, Lodging, Food, Entertainment, and Income. We also requested that he disclose additional funding or outside support.

    Below, check out the latest installment of Balance Sheet to discover how Holland made a profit of $141.34.


    This was my first little run as a live band, and I am lucky enough to have two great pals join me in playing my songs — supporting Tonstartssbandht, no less. We drove my trusty 2005 Subaru outback that I co-own with my girlfriend. It has some quirks, but runs smooth. Nothing crazy happened on the road, besides the usual wildness of the NJ turnpike during rush hour and leaving NYC during the marathon. Gas came to $404.66 in the end.


    Montreal, QC
    Troy, NY
    Kingston, NY
    Providence, RI
    Brooklyn, NY
    Philadelphia, PA
    Washington, DC

    Subtotal: -$404.66


    Though it’d be great to crash on couches to save cash, I prioritize comfort and morale over everything else when dragging friends away from home to play on the road with me. I’d booked cheap motels/hotels far in advance, and managed to cancel a couple when some of the venues provided band accommodation – huge plus when that happens. In Philly we had the joy of watching The Lawnmower Man with Tonstarts in the venue apartment, which made the tour. Overall, the accommodation cost came to $958.55, the majority of which was swallowed up in Brooklyn.

    Subtotal: -$958.55


    Luckily the three of us mostly sync up, food-wise. Morning coffee and light breakfast to go, some nuts to get you through the drive, then light dinner after soundcheck. Still, even the cheapest stuff hits the wallet hard these days. Food came to about $450.00.

    Subtotal: -$450.00.


    We got lucky with the rare summer weather in November, so we stopped at a beach, some small town parks and didn’t have to do any impulse spending to keep us occupied.


    Subtotal: $0


    As the opener we were making $250, with some door deals sprinkled in. Unfortunately, being Canadian, we’ve got to deal with the pesky 30% withholding tax on almost all of the USA fees, so that usually keeps things in the red, along with Visa costs (roughly $1500 annually). With Merch income and Fees combined we walked away with $1954.55. To make ends meet, I’m lucky enough to have a mostly self-released back catalog that keeps the lights on and funds the project with monthly/quarterly royalty payments from both the masters and publishing. We also have access to grants, but they’re never a sure shot, so I’m not entirely sure how much we’ll get to subsidize the costs of this tour — fingers crossed.

    Subtotal: $1954.55

    Balance Sheet

    Travel -$404.66
    Lodging -$958.55
    Food -$450
    Entertainment -$0
    Income $1954.55

    Total Profit: $141.34