Prong Unleash Politically Charged New Song “Breaking Point”: Stream

"A taste of new music to come in 2023"

prong breaking point stream
Prong, photo by Nathaniel Shannon

    Prong are back with a new one-off single “Breaking Point” — the band’s first new music since 2019.

    The track is firmly in Prong’s wheelhouse of chunky aggro thrash. The thick riffs and double-kick rhythms are in full effect, while frontman and band mastermind Tommy Victor assumes a punkish bark with obligatory anti-establishment lyrics to boot: “They demand that you agree, with ideas you can’t believe / Thoughts are banned, can’t disagree.”

    As Victor explained in a press release, the song’s groovy central riff was written while Prong were on tour with Black Label Society. Zakk Wylde may have been an influence.


    “The origins of the song happened during the waning part of the pandemic,” Victor said. “I have to admit that I came up with the main riff while we were out on the Black Label Society tour. I guess that would make sense to some.”

    He continued: “There was so much insecurity going on. What we were told kept changing. The crowds on that tour were so intense. It seemed like everyone was just sweating out all this frustration. Everyone was just fed up. I think that sentiment has remained and even grown with a lot of people. It’s a ‘general frustration in the world’ type song.”

    Victor recently moved back to New York City and said the relocation back to his birthplace has inspired him creatively. “Breaking Point” is just “a taste” of what’s to come from Prong in 2023.


    “I’ve been getting back into these heavy, solid, mean riffs,” Victor said. “I think moving back to New York has helped with these. I’m really happy where I’m at all around. I think it’s coming across in the new songs and showing a rejuvenated attitude.”

    The lyric video for “Breaking Point” can be streamed below.