All of the Best Super Bowl Commercials, Ranked

Walter White, Ben Affleck, and Cher Horowitz are just some of the stars appearing in ads this year

Super Bowl commercials
Ben Affleck / Bryan Cranston / Alicia Silverstone

    We rounded up some of this year’s biggest Super Bowl ads and ranked them from worst to best. See our picks and watch them for yourself below.

    18. Rakuten’s “Cher is back” Ad with Alicia Silverstone

    Imagine if Cher Horowitz got cash back for all those impulse retail therapy purchases she made before realizing she was in love with her former stepbrother. Rakuten’s Clueless spoof doesn’t tell us much about the brand, relying solely on the film’s star Alicia Silverstone donning yellow plaid to catch your eye: “Don’t bug,” she says, standing at the podium in her debate classroom. “The girl is back.” We give the commercial an F for context, but an A+ for nostalgia. — Abby Jones

    17. Experian’s “Happy Guy” Ad with John Cena

    The fact that you can see John Cena is only the second-most unlikely event to occur in this new spot for Experian. The wrestler wakes up in an HGTV-approved bedroom, immediately thrilled to realize it’s the first day of the month and rent is due. He then teleports to the street for a musical number with his neighbors in some Singin’ in the Rain-like choreography, minus the rain. Why so chipper, you ask? Thanks to Experian, paying rent on time can now boost your credit score. Good news for us younger millennials who will never be able to purchase property in their lifetimes. Add this to the This isn’t wholesome, this is the Capitalist Dystopia Facebook group. — A.J.

    16. Busch Beers’ Ad with Sarah McLachlan

    The ASPCA and all major broadcasting companies owe Sarah McLachlan an apology for inextricably linking her music with the saddest videos of puppies you’ve ever seen. She knows it, too, which is probably why she was down to spoof her commercials with the non-profit for a new bit with Busch beer. “Three things are required in the great outdoors,” our flannel-clad spokesman tells us. “Food, drink, and shelter.” Cue McLachlan peering out from a tent with an unassuming wolf, reciting her trademark public service announcement, winning us over again by proving that she’s more than happy to poke fun at herself. — A.J.


    15. Bud Light’s Ad with Miles Teller

    Add choreographed dancing to the list of Miles Teller’s talents in his new commercial for Bud Light. While bopping to hold music, the actor shimmies his shoulders, swivels his hips, and glides across his apartment in tandem with his wife Keleigh Sperr. Here’s to making the most of insane customer service wait times. — Eddie Fu

    14. Avocados from Mexico Ad with Anna Faris

    No traffic, no conflict, no clothes — that’s the world we could’ve had if Adam and Eve had access to an avocado on that fateful day in the Garden of Eden. A little bold of Avocados from Mexico to subscribe to the belief that a single woman — in this case, Anna Faris — caused everyone’s problems, but if avocados really make everything better, we’ll take it. — Carys Anderson

    13. Squarespace Ad with Adam Driver

    Adam Driver stars alongside Adam Driver, Adam Driver, and Adam Driver in a new commercial for Squarespace that’ll have you asking, “What is Squarespace?” “Can it multiply other celebrities?” “How much for my own Adam Driver? What about two? I probably won’t need more than two,” and, “No, seriously, I didn’t understand that commercial, what the hell is Squarespace?” — Wren Graves

    12. Ad with Melissa McCarthy

    It’s been a minute since Melissa McCarthy has had a worthy platform to really go crazy, which is what makes this commercial so special. In the clip, the actress sings of her desire to go somewhere, anywhere, away from home — as long as they have childcare. Come for the costume changes, stay for McCarthy’s ability to cast her husband in every project she does. — C.A. 

    11. Pepsi Zero Ad with Ben Stiller and Steve Martin

    Ben Stiller and Steve Martin are some of Hollywood’s most beloved stars because they make you believe what they’re feeling and experiencing is real, when, of course, they’re only acting. Pepsi Zero takes a meta approach by enlisting the men in its Super Bowl ad, asking the two to cycle through some of their biggest roles before performing a convincing “Ahh” after taking a sip of the crisp soda. Do they actually like the drink, or is this just their talent at work? You’ll have to try it to find out. — C.A.


    10. GM and Netflix’s Ad with Will Ferrell

    Will Ferrell makes corporate synergy work in an ad that touts Netflix using GM EVs in its productions going forward. Though Netflix continues to shoot itself in the foot with moves like the company’s password-sharing crackdown, it’s a reminder of some of the best shows the streamer has to offer, like Money HeistBridgertonStranger Things, and Squid Game. — E.F.

    9. PopCorners’ Breaking Bad Ad with Walt and Jesse

    Hopefully Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul got an RV full of cash for reprising their Breaking Bad roles as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in an ad for PopCorners, a popped corn snack. The 60-second spot features sanitized versions of classic Breaking Bad dialogue. “Yo!” Jesse says after eating White Cheddar flavor and taking off a gas mask, “These are the bomb!” Also be on the lookout for a cameo from Walt and Jesse’s old pal, Tuco Salamanca (played by Raymond Cruz). — W.G.

    8. Downy Ad with Danny McBride

    In full Kenny Powers mode, Danny McBridge adopts the first name Downy to hawk the fabric softener that really need any promotion in the first place. At least we get to see “Downy McBride” cruising through a cul de sac in a golf cart to the tune of DMX’s “What’s My Name?” Unstoppable or not, McBride proves himself to be a capable pitchman before running into a roadblock of his own making. — E.F.