Cookie Monster Makes Lizzo’s Flute His Snack on Sesame Street: Watch

Sometimes that's just how the cookie crumbles

Lizzo Sesame Street flute cookie monster watch
Sesame Street (HBO Max)

    Lizzo recently stopped by Sesame Street, where she was gifted a one-of-a-kind flute made of cookies by her new friend Elmo. With Cookie Monster roaming around, it was only a matter of time before the instrument met its demise, and that’s exactly what happened when the blue furball of fury came by to say hello.

    “I’ve played a lot of instruments, but I’ve never played a cookie before,” Lizzo said after being handed the flute. “May I?” The virtuoso got Elmo dancing with a catchy groove before Cookie Monster caught wind of the music.

    True to nature, Cookie Monster couldn’t help but devour the flute once it was right in front of him. “That was the one and only cookie flute,” Lizzo dejectedly said after he weaseled his way into eating it as a tasty snack. “I know, how can me not eat it? What an honor,” he responded.


    Watch the clip of Lizzo’s Sesame Street appearance below.

    Fans of Lizzo and Cookie Monster may remember their 2019 Twitter exchange in which the Sesame Street mainstay remixed her breakout hit “Truth Hurts.” After Cookie Monster wrote, “Me just took a DNA test turns out me 100% cookies,” Lizzo responded by tweeting, “EVEN WHEN ME CRUMBLE CRAZY ME GOT SHORTBREAD PROBLEMS THATS THE MONSTER IN ME NOM NOM THEN ME EAT EM THATS THE COOKIE IN ME.”

    Earlier this month, Lizzo broke out her flute for a cover of Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ smash hit “Unholy.” While impressive, it didn’t compare to the time she played a crystal flute owned by James Madison live in concert.

    Though Lizzo won only one Grammy at this year’s ceremony, it was one of the Big Four. She took home the Song of the Year trophy for “About Damn Time,” the biggest hit off last year’s Special.