MF DOOM’s Metalface Records Announce 30th Anniversary Reissue for KMD’s Black Bastards

The MF DOOM duo's sophomore album was initially scrapped in 1993 before releasing in 2000

KMD Black Bastards reissue MF DOOM subroc
MF DOOM, photo by Possan

    KMD, the hip-hop brother duo comprised of the late MF DOOM (as Zev Love X) and DJ Subroc, are getting their sophomore album, Black Bastards, reissued on vinyl. The new pressing will be out on March 31st via DOOM’s own Metalface Records and Rhymesayers Entertainment.

    The release celebrates the 30th anniversary of the album’s initial recording in 1993, when brothers Dingilizwe (Subroc) and Daniel Dumile (DOOM) began work on KMD’s follow-up to 1991’s Mr. Hood. Production stalled after Subroc’s untimely death in April 1993, and the album was ultimately shelved by Elektra Records due to its controversial lyrics and cover artwork. It eventually received an official release in 2000.

    The KMD Black Bastards reissue will arrive on March 31st in either red or black vinyl, both featuring an expanded gatefold. The LP release coincides with a new repressing of DOOM’s 1999 debut album, Operation: Doomsday, via Metalface and Rhymesayers. Pre-orders and exclusive album apparel are available at MF DOOM’s website.


    Though the late rapper-producer passed away in 2020, MF DOOM has delivered a number of incredible posthumous features, most notably on Danger Mouse and Black Thought’s Cheat Codes cut, “Belize.”

    Black Bastards Artwork:

    KMD Black Bastards reissue MF DOOM artwork

    Black Bastards Tracklist:
    01. Garbage Day #3
    02. Get-U-Now
    03. What a N*gga Know?
    04. Sweet Premium Wine
    05. Plumskinzz (Loose Hoe, God & Cupid)
    06. Smokin’ That S*#%
    07. Contact Blitt
    08. Gimme
    09. Black Bastards!
    10. It Sounded Like a Roc
    11. Plumskinzz (Oh No I Don’t Believe It!)
    12. Constipated Monkey
    13. F*#@ Wit’ Ya Head
    14. Suspended Animation