Palms (Members of Deftones, Isis) Unveil Two Previously Unreleased Songs: Stream

The Chino Moreno-fronted project has unveiled "Opening Titles" and "End Credits"

Palms new songs 2023
Palms, photo by Travis Shinn

    Two previously unreleased tracks from the supergroup Palms, featuring Deftones singer Chino Moreno and members of the defunct post-metal band Isis, have been unearthed.

    The songs have been combined under the title “Opening Titles / End Credits” and have been released via Ipecac Recordings. Likely hailing from the sessions that yielded Palms’ sole self-titled LP in 2013, the 10-minute piece serves as a reminder of the gorgeous post-metal music that the Moreno-fronted project produced.

    The singer is backed by core instrumentalists in Isis: bassist Jeff Caxide, drummer Aaron Harris and guitarist Bryant Clifford Meyer. As opposed to the more sludgy/metallic nature of that band and Deftones’ harsher tendencies, Palms falls more into the shoegazey dream-pop camp, with Moreno’s soaring vocals bedded by lush guitar lines and tidal crescendos.


    Ipecac releasing previously unheard Palms material might be a one-off, though the move could also hint at a possible reissue of their self-titled album. Vinyl and cassette versions have long been out of print, fetching large sums on the secondhand market.

    Meanwhile, another one of Moreno’s side projects, ††† (Crosses), returned last year with a comeback EP and a new deal with Warner Records. Both Crosses and Palms formed in 2011 — with Moreno working on each around the same time — with the latter group coming together following the disbandment of Isis in 2010.

    Stream “Opening Titles / End Credits” below.