Pavement Perform 15-Song Set on Austin City Limits: Watch

The 30th anniversary celebration featured several tracks from their 1992 debut LP, Slanted and Enchanted

Pavement Austin City Limits ACL Season 48 clip performance setlist stream watch live
Pavement on Austin City Limits, photo by Scott Newton

    Pavement appeared on the latest episode of Austin City Limits, performing a full 15-song set on the long-running PBS live series

    Stephen Malkmus and his slacker-rock cohorts showed up for a stacked set that included well-worn singles like “Cut Your Hair” and “Stereo” along with later cuts like “Spit on a Stranger” and “Harness Your Hopes” that were recently revitalized on dual 2022 reissues. They also unleashed renditions of “Embassy Row” and “Type Slowly” from Brighten the Corners, one of our top albums of 1997.

    The ACL performance marked the band’s 30th anniversary, a celebration Malkmus once predicted would never happen. Fittingly, the band reached back to their roots with numbers like their 1991 debut single “Summer Babe” as well as “Zurich Is Stained” and “Trigger Cut” from their first album, 1992’s Slanted and Enchanted. Watch the entire performance, available for streaming until March 5th, below.


    Pavement are currently closing out a Pacific tour between Japan and Australia that extends into March. The band is then slated to headline Salt Lake City’s Kilby Block Party in May. Browse for tickets to their ongoing live circuit here.

    For a status update on the recently reformed five-piece, check out our recap of Pavement’s Los Angeles concert before their full reunion tour kicked off in 2022. Elsewhere, compare the ACL setlist with our picks for the band’s top 10 best songs.

    Despite Malkmus claiming it would be “total cringe” for the band to write new music, Pavement have been at the center of rumors regarding a potential jukebox musical and a subsequent movie musical.


    Pavement Austin City Limits Setlist:
    Summer Babe
    Black Out
    Embassy Row
    Zurich Is Stained
    Trigger Cut
    Two States
    Type Slowly
    Harness Your Hopes
    Spit on a Stranger
    We Dance
    Painted Soldiers
    Cut Your Hair