Sleep Token Announce New Album Take Me Back to Eden, Share “Vore”: Stream

The mysterious UK act has amassed a viral following leading up to the LP's May 19th release

sleep token new album
Sleep Token, photo by Adamross Williams

    Sleep Token have announced a new album, titled Take Me Back to Eden. In advance of the album’s May 19th release, the UK experimental metal act has shared the new single and video “Vore.”

    The mysterious band has amassed a viral following via a string of recent singles. The track “The Summoning” alone has more than 16 million global streams, thanks in part to a co-sign by pop superstar Demi Lovato, who shared a Spotify link to the song with her 140-plus million Instagram followers.

    Often tagged as “alternative metal,” Sleep Token transcend that somewhat generic labeling, combining djent, Deftones-y melodic metal, and progressive pop. The new single “Vore” is a strong example of this multi-faceted sound.


    Much of Sleep Token’s allure comes from their reclusiveness. “Sleep Token notoriously do not speak to the press (out of necessity, not ego or gimmick),” reads the press release for Take Me Back to Eden. And the cloaked central figure/vocalist seen above is referred to only as “Vessel.”

    That hasn’t stopped fans from devouring the music. Sleep Token have over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify and haven’t played a UK show that wasn’t sold out. Take Me Back to Eden will be their third full-length LP, completing a trilogy that began with debut album Sundowning in 2019.

    Pre-order Take Me Back to Eden via Spinefarm. Below you can stream the video for “Vore” and see the album artwork and 12-song tracklist.


    Take Me Back to Eden Artwork:

    sleep token take me back to eden

    Take Me Back to Eden Tracklist:
    01. Chokehold
    02. The Summoning
    03. Granite
    04. Aqua Regia
    05. Vore
    06. Ascensionism
    07. Are You Really Okay?
    08. The Apparition
    09. DYWTYLM
    10. Rain
    11. Take Me Back to Eden
    12. Euclid