Susanne Sundfør Announces New Album blómi, Shares “alyosha” and “leikara ljóð”: Stream

Her sixth LP arrives on April 28th

Susanne Sundfor blomi  album 2023
Susanne Sundfør, photo by Janne Rugland

    Susanne Sundfør has announced her sixth solo album, blómi, to be released on April 28th. The Norwegian singer-songwriter also gave a generous glimpse of the project with two debut songs, “alyosha” and “leikara ljóð.”

    The 10-track LP, which derives its name from the Norse word meaning “to bloom,” finds Sundfør strengthening her roots as she digs deeper into familial connections from her past, present, and future. Inspired by the birth of her daughter, she reflected on her own upbringing and the impressions left by her grandfather, a linguist who specialized in Semitic languages. By marrying those memories with her own current state as a new mother, Sundfør aimed to give her child a path to thrive in the uncertain years ahead.

    “I want this album to be an antidote to the darkness that dominates our culture today,” she shared in a statement. “I want to show that there’s another way to see reality, if one dares to take the leap of hoping for a more beautiful world.”


    The first two offerings from blómi, “alyosha” and “leikara ljóð,” showcase the Nordic musician-producer’s dynamic range with delightfully diverse approaches despite their sequential placement on the album. While the former encompasses a gentle, ethereal ballad with astounding vocal peaks, the latter presents a more loose, playful romp complete with hand-clapping and densely layered harmonies. Stream both tracks below.

    Susanne Sundfør’s blómi arrives on April 28th via Bella Union/Warner. It marks her first full-length studio album since 2017’s Music for People in Trouble, though she did compose and release the soundtrack for the documentary The Self Portrait in 2020. Pre-orders are ongoing.

    blómi Artwork:

    Susanne Sundfor blómi  album artwork cover preorder Sundfør

    blómi Tracklist:
    01. orð vǫlu
    02. ashera’s song
    03. blómi
    04. rūnā
    05. fare thee well
    06. leikara Ijóð
    07. alyosha
    08. Tracṣānnu yārru lī
    09. náttsǫngr
    10. orð hjartans
    11. klist