Members of Type O Negative and Crowbar Form New Band Eye Am

Featuring Type O Negative's Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly alongside Crowbar's Kirk Windstein and Todd Strange

eye am
Eye Am, via Facebook

    Members of Type O Negative and Crowbar have formed a new band called Eye Am.

    The group consists of Type O Negative’s Kenny Hickey (guitar/vocals) and Johnny Kelly (drums) along with Crowbar’s Kirk Windstein (guitar/vocals) and Todd Strange (bass). They are currently recording their debut single at Gainesville, Florida, studio The Moathouse with Less Than Jake bassist Roger Lima engineering the sessions.

    Windstein teased the new project on social media earlier this week, informing fans that he was flying from New Orleans to Florida “to jam and write with 3 talented Guys!!!” Photos of the quartet in the studio then surfaced on Type O Negative’s Facebook.

    Meanwhile, Hickey and Kelly have a long history of playing music together even beyond their years in Type O Negative. The two played with each other in thrash metal bands in the late ’80s prior to Type O’s formation, and later worked together in the bands Seventh Void and Silvertomb, each of whom released a studio album in 2009 and 2019, respectively.


    As for Crowbar, Windstein and Strange are founding members of the NOLA sludge institution. Strange exited the band in 2000 and eventually rejoined for 2016’s The Serpent Only Lies, and that album’s touring cycle. He again left Crowbar in 2018. Windstein is also a member of the Philip Anselmo-fronted Down.

    In other news, a new concert video of Type O Negative’s “Love You to Death” was unveiled on Valentine’s Day. The clip was recorded during the band’s set at Wacken Open Air in 2007, and the soundboard audio of the performance is included on the recent 15th anniversary reissue of Type O’s final album Dead Again.

    You can see Type O’s Facebook post regarding Eye Am below.