Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, Paul Stanley, and Joan Jett Star in Workday’s “Rock Star” Super Bowl Ad: Watch

The rock legends take a stand against "corporate types" who refer to each other as rock stars

ozzy workday super bowl commercial
Ozzy Osbourne as seen in Workday’s Super Bowl commercial, via YouTube

    Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, Paul Stanley, Joan Jett, and Gary Clark Jr. all make appearances in Workday’s star-studded new “Rock Star” Super Bowl commercial.

    “Rock stars have worked hard to earn their titles,” reads the ad’s YouTube description. “So when the business world starts calling execs ‘rock stars’ for crushing it with Workday, the legends have something to say.”

    The clip opens at a KISS concert with Paul Stanley turning to the camera to offer his two-cents about “corporate types” who erroneously refer to themselves as “rock stars.” From there we get the definition of a “real rock star” from the legends themselves.


    “I’ve trashed hotel rooms in 43 countries,” exclaims Billy Idol amidst disheveled furniture.

    “I’ve been on the road since I was 16,” remarks Joan Jett as she gets off her tour bus.

    “I’ve done my share of bad things,” says Ozzy. “Also your share of bad things.”


    Perhaps the highlight of the longer one-minute edit is seeing Ozzy in full office space attire, sitting amongst his fellow cubicle dwellers. There are also shorter 15-second teasers of each rocker in the office, including one of Ozzy offering piercings to his co-workers.

    Watch the full one-minute ad, followed by the various individual clips below.