Cattle Decapitation Share New Song “Scourge of the Offspring”: Stream

The new album Terrasite is out May 12th

cattle decapitation scourge of the offspring
Cattle Decapitation, photo by Pablo Montano via Metal Blade

    Cattle Decapitation have shared the new song “Scourge of the Offspring,” the latest single from their upcoming album Terrasite, out May 12th.

    The band deftly blur the line between death metal, prog, and grindcore on the new track. Kinetic stop-start rhythmic hiccups and mathy leads are balanced against bludgeoning brute-force riffs and moshpit churning breakdowns. The whole sonic collage is quite manic — including the gurgles, grunts, and howls of vocalist Travis Ryan.

    “Scourge of the Offspring” is central to the loose concept running throughout Terrasite: one of human existence in the post-Anthropocene era. Cattle Decapitation have fixated on apocalyptic themes on past albums, and Terrasite expands on that affinity, exploring an unsettling “daytime horror” — as depicted by the post-human mutant on the album cover.


    “[‘Scourge of the Offspring’] makes up the bulk of the album’s concept that the first song, ‘Terrasitic Adaptation,’ and the cover art sort of set into motion,” Ryan said in a press release. “In the first song, we find out what’s going on on the cover, and this song deals more with what our children will end up being — adult humans, shat out and left to make sense of this world only to end up being part of the problem simply by existing.”

    Cattle Decapitation will be supporting Terrasite when they head out as part of the Decibel Magazine 2023 tour. Dates kick off May 11th in Santa Ana, California, and run through June 10th in Los Angeles. Get tickets at this location.

    You can pre-order Terrasite on vinyl here. Stream “Scourge of the Offspring” below.