Concertgoer in Wheelchair Crowd Surfs and Stage Dives at Hardcore Festival: Watch

The inspiring moment came during Kublai Khan TX's set at LDB Fest in Louisville

Wheelchair Stage-Dive
Fan in Wheelchair stage-dives during Kublai Khan TX show, via hate5six

    Perseverance is a common theme in hardcore music, and nowhere was that more apparent than at the LDB Fest in Louisville, Kentucky, over the weekend. Video footage captures a young woman in a wheelchair crowd-surfing her way to the stage, and then subsequently stage-diving back into the crowd.

    This year’s LDB (Life & Death Brigade) Fest featured such hardcore luminaries as Knocked Loose, Terror, and more. But its shining moment came during Kublai Khan TX’s set on Saturday (March 18th).

    Noted hardcore documentarian hate5six has shared footage of the fan in a wheelchair being lifted onto the stage by fellow concertgoers and Kublai Khan TX singer Matt Honeycutt. When she gets to the stage, she emphatically points back to the crowd and wheels her way straight off the front of the stage as her fellow fans bring her back safely into the audience.


    In posting the video on Twitter (see below), hate5six wrote, “Hardest shit I’ve ever seen.” And that’s coming from someone who’s filmed thousands of hours of live hardcore shows.

    Five years ago, a different young woman crowd-surfed in a wheelchair during the final show on the last-ever Warped Tour, offering another inspiring moment in punk-rock history.

    Watch the footage from this past weekend’s LDB Fest in hate5six’s Tweet below.