Dave Lombardo Announces Debut Solo Album, Shares “Journey of the Host”: Stream

The legendary metal drummer's Rites of Percussion arrives May 5th via Ipecac Recordings

Dave Lombardo debut solo album
Dave Lombardo, photo by Ekaterina Gorbacheva

    Legendary thrash drummer Dave Lombardo (Slayer, Mr. Bungle, Testament, Misfits, Dead Cross, etc.) has announced his debut album, Rites of Percussion, arriving May 5th via Ipecac Recordings. The lead single “Journey of the Host” can be streamed below.

    The idea for a Lombardo solo album has origins as far back as 1998, when it was suggested by the drummer’s current Mr. Bungle bandmate Mike Patton.

    “He introduced me to Tito Puente’s Top Percussion album,” Lombardo said via a press release. “I was already familiar with Tito and was a bit shocked that Patton was so musically diverse, and that he surrounded himself with musicians of the same mindset. That inspired me. I have had ideas that I’ve recorded on cassette over the years, but Patton kept insisting that I had to do a ‘drum album.’ So, the idea behind the album is years in the making. I just had to find the right time—for me—to do it.”


    Then the pandemic hit. While it halted Mr. Bungle’s touring activities, it gave Lombardo ample downtime to finally commence work on his long-gestating drum album.

    “It was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had,” he said. “I had my studio, all my drums. Nothing was in storage for once! My home became a place where I could be free and creative. On the one hand, the touring part of my livelihood had been taken away, but on the other, I finally had the time to educate myself on different software and recording techniques. It was a very educational and gratifying experience.”

    He would go on to self-produce the entire project in his home studio, enlisting his son, David A. Lombardo, to mix the final masters in 2022. As heard on the rhythmically dense “Journey of the Host,” the main objective was that “drums had to be drums,” and a plethora of percussive instruments were used on the recordings: large concert bass drum, a timpani, a grand piano, and a flock of shakers, maracas, Chinese and symphonic gongs, Native American drums, congas, timbales, bongos, batás, wood blocks, djembes, ibos, darbukas, octobans, cajóns, and cymbals.


    The press release states that the final 13-track package comes together in a “film score-like” manner, so we’re eager to hear more from Lombardo’s solo project.

    Pre-order Rites of Percussion on vinyl and CD via this location, and stream “Journey of the Host” and see the album art and tracklist below. Pick up tickets to Mr. Bungle’s upcoming May tour with the Melvins here.

    Rites of Percussion Artwork:

    Dave Lombardo Rites od Percussion

    Rites of Percussion Tracklist:
    01. Initiatory Madness
    02. Separation from the Sacred
    03. Inner Sanctum
    04. Journey of the Host
    05. Maunder in Liminality
    06. Despojo
    07. Interfearium
    08. Blood Let
    09. Warpath
    10. Guerrero
    11. Vicissitude
    12. Omiero
    13. Animismo