Grimes Hints That She’s Renamed Her Daughter “?”

"But the government won't recognize that"

Grimes baby daughter's new name Why?
Grimes, photo by Russell Linnetz

    Grimes has shared a rare update on her daughter with Elon Musk, and hinted that the baby may be getting a new name. As the singer shared on Twitter, the one-year-old has recently been called Y, or “Why?” or “?” after first being introduced to the world as Exa Dark Sideræl Musk — and then referred to as “Sailor Mars” by her parents.

    “She’s Y now, or ‘Why?’ or just ‘?,’” Grimes singer wrote on Twitter after sharing side-by-side photos of her and her baby. Alluding to the possibility that there’s been an effort to legally amend the name to incorporate the “?” symbol, she continued, “But the government won’t recognize that.”

    Speaking about the meaning of the new name, she offered an illuminating explanation: “Curiosity, the eternal question, and such.”


    The existence of Grimes and Musk’s second child was revealed to the world in a 2022 Vanity Fair story, which arrived right as the couple was formally splitting. At the time, the baby’s name was announced in full, though Grimes mentioned that “Y” was used as a nickname. “Sailor Mars” was another popular nickname used by both parents (a humorous nod to Sailor Moon and Musk’s ambitions), but that seems to have fallen out of favor, at least compared to “Why?”

    The update on Y also brings to mind her older brother X, or X Æ A-12, who also made headlines for his unconventional name. After a public clash with the state of California regarding whether a name can include letters outside the 26 in the modern English alphabet, his name was amended to its current form.

    Meanwhile, fans are still awaiting Grimes’ forthcoming album, Book 1. Last fall, she teased the completion of the record while hinting at getting elf ear surgery.