Fan Chant: NCT DREAM Are Going “Beyond Expectations” in 2023: Interview

Ahead of their spring tour in the US, the group joins us for a Q+A

nct dream fan chant interview
NCT Dream, photo courtesy of SM Entertainment

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    NCT DREAM, the subgroup of SM Entertainment’s consistently bold group NCT, conjures the energy of vibrant colors, a youthful spirit, and bright, dynamic concepts. The latest adventure for MARK, RENJUN, JENO, HAECHAN, JAEMIN, CHENLE, and JISUNG is a new version of their 2022 release, “Beatbox,” this time reimagined in English. With the release of their first entirely English-language track, the members joined Fan Chant for a quick Q+A around “Beatbox (English Ver.),” their 2023 plans, and more.

    The song kicks off with the beatboxing (what else?) of the original, before giving space for each member to shine on the expectedly upbeat track. A new lyric video includes playful, nostalgic animations over vignettes of the group.


    NCT DREAM are in the midst of a world tour — tickets can be secured here — and “THE DREAM SHOW2 : IN A DREAM” will be landing in America in April. It’s their very first time performing together in the US, and they couldn’t be more excited to get face to face with NCTzens. “For 2023 especially, we are determined to bring something new to our fans,” explains MARK.

    Watch the lyric video for “Beatbox (English Ver.)” below, and read on for the Q+A with the members of NCT Dream.

    This is your very first time performing in the US! What are you most excited about for this tour in the spring?


    JAEMIN: I’m most excited to see our fans enjoy our show, and hope they’ll sing along with us!

    JISUNG: The concert atmosphere is always different per country so I’m looking forward to seeing what the US shows will be like.