파란노을 (Parannoul) Drops Live Album After the Night: Stream

The anonymous Korean artist's latest album, After the Magic, came out in January

parannoul after the night
Parannoul’s After the Night artwork

    Two months after releasing After the Magic, anonymous South Korean shoegaze artist 파란노을 (Parannoul) has unveiled a companion live album called After the Night. Listen to the project below.

    Recorded at KT&G Sangsangmadang Live Hall on January 14th, 2023, After the Night features Parannoul on keyboards and vocals, Yo and BrokenTeeth on guitars, Asian Glow on bass, 9SuK on drums, and Fin Fior on trumpet. The performance begins with the After the Magic opener “Polaris” before the band goes into older Parannoul tracks like “White Ceiling,” “Beautiful World,” and “Analog Sentimentalism.” The release even comes with a recorded video of the show, but don’t expect to identify any of the musicians — the stage lights keep each artist anonymous.

    Parannoul has built a considerable catalog in the last few years, growing from uploading music to Bandcamp to releasing After the Magic through emo stalwarts Topshelf Records. 2021 LP To See the Next Part of the Dream, meanwhile, landed on our list of the Top 15 Emo Albums of the Last 15 Years.


    After the Night Artwork:

    parannoul after the night artwork

    After the Night Tracklist:
    01. 북극성 (Polaris)
    02. 아름다운 세상 (Beautiful World)
    03. 아날로그 센티멘탈리즘 (Analog Sentimentalism)
    04. 그곳에는 낭만이 있다 (Soft Bruise)
    05. Imagination
    06. I Can Feel My Heart Touching You
    07. 흰천장 (White Ceiling)
    08. Into the Endless Night