Ric Wilson, Chromeo, and A-Trak Announce Collaborative EP CLUSTERFUNK, Share Title Track: Stream

Out March 31st

Ric Wilson, Chromeo, A-Trak clusterfunk
Ric Wilson, Chromeo, and A-Trak, photo by Marcus Lorenzo

    Ric Wilson, Chromeo, and A-Trak have cooked up a new project called CLUSTERFUNK. The collaborative EP is out March 31st via EMPIRE/Free Disco, while its title track is available to stream now.

    Canadian DJ A-Trak introduced his fellow Montreal natives Chromeo to Ric Wilson’s music in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Inspired by the social movements of the moment, the artists convened with the Chicago rapper in California to forge a project steeped in socialism and communism, set to a mix of funk, soul, and hip-hop. King Louie, Felicia Douglass of Dirty Projectors, STIC.MAN of Dead Prez, Kiéla Adira, and Mariame Kaba feature on the project.

    Title track “Clusterfunk” alternates between stark verses from Wilson — who poses questions like “If it wasn’t in the bible, would you call it sin?/ If Dylan Roof wasn’t white, would they let him live?” — before Chromeo de-escalate his moral questioning with a classic sing-along chorus, crooning, “Welcome to the clusterfunk/ Ups and downs but all is fun/ Anyone can be someone/ Grooving til this life is done.”


    Listen to “Clusterfunk,” and check out the EP’s artwork and tracklist, below. Pre-orders for the project are ongoing.

    In 2021, Wilson teamed with Yellow Days for the collaborative EP Disco Ric in London TownMeanwhile, just this month, Chromeo released a new song of their own, “Words with You.”

    CLUSTERFUNK Artwork:
    cover art - CLUSTERFUNK by Ric Wilson, Chromeo, & A-Trak

    CLUSTERFUNK Tracklist:
    01. Whiskey in My Coffee (feat. King Louie)
    02. Clusterfunk
    03. Pay It No Mind
    04. Gimmi a Minnit
    05. Everyone Moves to LA (feat. Felicia Douglass)
    06. When Mariame Kabe Speaks Listen
    07. Git Up Off My Neck (feat. STIC.MAN of Dead Prez)
    08. I’m Not a Leader I’m a Mouthpiece
    09. Muted Not Voiceless (feat. Kiéla Adira)