Ric Wilson, Chromeo, and A-Trak Unveil Collaborative EP CLUSTERFUNK: Stream

Featuring King Louie, Felicia Douglass of Dirty Projectors, and STIC.MAN of Dead Prez

Ric Wilson, Chromeo, A-Trak clusterfunk new ep stream
Ric Wilson, Chromeo, and A-Trak, photo by Marcus Lorenzo

    Ric Wilson, Chromeo, and A-Trak have cooked up a new project called CLUSTERFUNK. Stream it below via Apple Music or Spotify.

    Canadian DJ A-Trak introduced his fellow Montreal natives Chromeo to Ric Wilson’s music in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Inspired by the social movements of the moment, the artists convened with the Chicago rapper in California to forge a project steeped in socialism and communism, set to a mix of funk, soul, and hip-hop. King Louie, Felicia Douglass of Dirty Projectors, STIC.MAN of Dead Prez, Kiéla Adira, and Mariame Kaba feature on the project.

    Title track “Clusterfunk” alternates between stark verses from Wilson — who poses questions like “If it wasn’t in the bible, would you call it sin?/ If Dylan Roof wasn’t white, would they let him live?” — before Chromeo de-escalate his moral questioning with a classic sing-along chorus, crooning, “Welcome to the clusterfunk/ Ups and downs but all is fun/ Anyone can be someone/ Grooving til this life is done.”


    Listen to CLUSTERFUNK and check out the EP’s artwork and tracklist below.

    In 2021, Wilson teamed with Yellow Days for the collaborative EP Disco Ric in London TownMeanwhile, just this month, Chromeo released a new song of their own, “Words with You.”

    CLUSTERFUNK Artwork:
    cover art - CLUSTERFUNK by Ric Wilson, Chromeo, & A-Trak

    CLUSTERFUNK Tracklist:
    01. Whiskey in My Coffee (feat. King Louie)
    02. Clusterfunk
    03. Pay It No Mind
    04. Gimmi a Minnit
    05. Everyone Moves to LA (feat. Felicia Douglass)
    06. When Mariame Kabe Speaks Listen
    07. Git Up Off My Neck (feat. STIC.MAN of Dead Prez)
    08. I’m Not a Leader I’m a Mouthpiece
    09. Muted Not Voiceless (feat. Kiéla Adira)