Rina Sawayama Shares New Song “Eye for an Eye” from John Wick Chapter 4 Soundtrack: Stream

The film also marks her acting debut

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Rina Sawayama, photo by Thurstan Redding

    Rina Sawayama makes her acting debut in the brand-new John Wick: Chapter 4and it sure would’ve been a waste if she hadn’t contributed to the soundtrack as well. Ahead of the film’s theatrical premiere this Friday, March 24th, the Japanese-British pop experimentalist has shared the anthem “Eye for an Eye.”

    “Eye for an Eye” was produced and co-written by Tyler Bates, who’s also composed the futuristic-sounding scores for all four John Wick films. It begins with a funky, heavy-hitting synth riff that definitely feels a little reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer,” and the ’90s industrial vibes only get stronger from there as the instrumentals layer more and more, culminating in a pretty explosive chorus.

    Lyrically, Sawayama’s narrator is on the prowl for revenge: “An eye for an eye, a life for a life/ I’ll see you in hell on the other side,” she sings, her vocals multi-tracked like she’s summoning an army of Rinas. Sure, it feels a little bit like your standard pop-star-in-a-blockbuster-movie needle drop, but it’s pretty hard to resist bobbing your head to.


    The entire John Wick: Chapter 4 original soundtrack arrives this Friday, coinciding with the film’s release. Listen to “Eye for an Eye” below, and then keep scrolling to see the album’s artwork and tracklist.

    Sawayama’s last album was 2022’s Hold the Girl.

    John Wick: Chapter 4 OST Tracklist:

    rina sawayama john wick chapter 4 soundtrack ost eye for an eye listen stream pop music news

    John Wick: Chapter 4 OST Tracklist:
    01. Big Wick Energy
    02. Nowhere to Run (Lola Colette)
    03. Sand Wick
    04. Change Your Nature
    05. Continental Breakfast
    06. Wick in Osaka
    07. High Table in Osaka
    08. A Grave Accusation
    09. Grief on a Train
    10. I Would Die for You – In This Moment
    11. Of Mincing & Men
    12. A Grave Situation
    13. To Get Back In
    14. Killa’s Teeth
    15. Ambition and Worth
    16. Dog Lover
    17. JW, Loving Husband
    18. Stairs Arrival
    19. Marie Douceur, Marie Colère (Manon Hollander)
    20. John Wick Rises
    21. Paris Radio Intro
    22. Chess Club
    23. Urban Cowgirl
    24. Quite the Mess You’ve Made
    25. The Ex Ex
    26. The Ex Ex Chapter 3
    27. Arc De Triomphe
    28. Wrong Train
    29. Sacré-Coeur Sunrise
    30. Pistol Procession
    31. Ten Paces
    32. Twenty Paces
    33. Helen A Handbasket
    34. Eye for an Eye (Rina Sawayama)
    35. Cry Mia River