Rockstar Wanted: Apply to Join Rockin’1000’s World Tour and Live Out Your Rockstar Fantasy

If selected, you'll get paid to travel the globe and play each date of Rockin'1000's world tour

Rockin’1000, photo by Viviana Vitale

    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to tour the world as a rockstar? Do you long to hear the roar of a packed stadium as you walk onstage to play an hour of satisfying tunes? Sure, only a few lucky musicians get to live out this dream every day — but now, you could be one of them.

    Today, Rockin’1000 — the world’s largest rock band and a global community of more than 60,000 musicians from all corners of the planet — is launching their Rockstar Wanted campaign and contest, where one lucky musician will be selected to play every date of “Humans World Tour.”

    You may remember Rockin’1000’s viral video of a thousand musicians gathering in Cesena, Italy to cover Foo Fighters’ “Learn to Fly” in 2015. This was only the beginning for the group, who have spent the last seven years organizing numerous sold-out concerts throughout the globe with the aim of bringing 1,000+ musicians together on one stage for an unforgettable evening of rock music. Now, Rockin’1000 is gearing up for their biggest outing yet: a world tour.


    Here’s where you come in — Rockin’1000 will be selecting one musician (guitar, bass, drums, keys, or vocals) to participate in each date of the tour. In addition to performing at Mexico City’s Foro Sol on April 22nd, Bogota, Colombia’s El Campin on May 20th, and Madrid, Spain’s Civitas Metropolitano on June 3rd, several other dates in Europe, North America, and Asia are in the works for later in the year. Each date will feature a custom setlist filled with iconic rock songs, from global greats like Queen and Nirvana, to local legends specific to each tour date.

    To apply for the job of a lifetime, you’ll need to head over to Rockin’1000’s website or their official app to fill out an application. To participate in the campaign, here’s what you’ll need:

    ● Able to sing and/or play an instrument
    ● Fluent in English
    ● Have a passport valid for two years
    ● Be ready to go on tour immediately (departure for Mexico City: April 19!)
    ● Be of legal age (21+)
    ● Good online content creation skills
    ● Flexible to travel on short notice
    ● Have at least one social media account (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok)


    Ideal candidates should also have experience in volunteer or non-profit work, an open-minded attitude, and of course, a deep passion and love for rock ‘n’ roll. Rockin’1000 is looking not just for musicians who can play, but are happy to share their experiences and love for the music with the world.

    If selected for this opportunity, you will receive:

    ● Guaranteed access to perform with Rockin’1000
    ● A payment of 500 euros per performance
    ● Travel, food, and accommodation expenses covered for each date
    ● An exciting chance to tour the world as a musician/singer
    ● The opportunity to become one of the stars of Rockin’1000’s content and event coverage
    ● The chance to meet and interact with musicians from all over the world

    Applications are currently live and close on April 6th, so apply now before it’s too late! The winner will be announced on April 12th. As a reminder, the first date of the “Humans World Tour” is in Mexico City on April 22nd — so, if you’re selected, you’ll need to be available starting April 19th.


    Whether you’ve been playing your instrument for decades or just six months, Rockin’1000 is looking for someone with the heart and soul of a rockstar. Think you’ve got what it takes to live your dream career for a whole year? Apply here!