Ace Frehley: Paul Stanley’s Response to My Apology Demand Was “Fuck You”

The guitarist still wouldn't mind joining KISS onstage for their last two shows at Madison Square Garden

Ace Frehley Paul Stanley F You
Ace Frehley (via eOne) and Paul Stanley (photo by Kevin RC Wilson)

    Ace Frehley recently gave Paul Stanley a week to apologize for a disparaging comment, but apparently all he got back from the KISS singer-guitarist was a good old-fashioned “Fuck you!”

    To quickly recap, last month Stanley told Howard Stern that a reunion with original KISS members Frehley and Peter Criss would sound like “PISS.” Frehley, appearing on Eddie Trunk’s SiriusXM show last week, threatened to spill “dirt” on Stanley and Gene Simmons if he didn’t get an apology within seven days.

    As promised, Frehley returned to Trunk’s show today (April 5th), a week later, with an update. When asked by Trunk if Stanley responded, Frehley said, “Yes, he did, not long after the show was over. I was blindsided by the phone call. … But instead of an apology, I got a five-second phone call which said, ‘Fuck you, Ace. I’m not going to apologize,’ and hung up. … He wasn’t even man enough to let me give a rebuttal and explain why I’m so upset or anything like that.”


    The guitarist continued, “I told [KISS manager] Doc McGhee this whole story, and you know what he came back with? He said, ‘Paul said he never called you.'”

    Frehley sent a screenshot of the call log to Trunk, who reported that it appeared the call did indeed take place.

    That all said, Frehley walked back his threat to deliver new dirt on Stanley and Simmons, telling Trunk, “I spoke to several good friends of mine who are God-fearing people and I go to AA meetings with, and they said, ‘Don’t ever sink to their level. That’s what they do. That’s what they’ve been doing for years. Why are you going to sink to their level?'”


    He continued, “So then I came to the realization that I don’t even have to bring up anything that I have hidden away in my attorney’s safety deposit box. I can just talk about things that they’ve said about me in black and white. They can’t come after me after that because they said it. It’s in black and white.”

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    Frehley even said he wouldn’t rule out a reunion during KISS’ scheduled two-night stand December 1st and 2nd at Madison Square Garden to close out their current farewell tour.

    “Money motivates me, just like it motivates them,” said the Spaceman. “Look, if I got a quarter of a million dollars a night and I can make a half a million dollars for playing three or four songs, five songs, I’d take the money.”


    KISS recently added a handful of dates to their farewell tour, with tickets available to the band’s upcoming shows at this location.

    Frehley, meanwhile, has mapped out a run of 2023 tour dates himself, with tickets available here.

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