Afroman Officially Running for President to Be “Pot Head of State”

The "Because I Got High" artist is running as an independent

afroman running for president pot head of state 2024 election
Afroman, photo by Forsyth Photography

    The artist behind “Because I Got High” is seeking a higher office: Afroman is officially running for president in the 2024 US election.

    After he announced his bid last December, TMZ reports that Afroman, born Jason Foreman, filed the necessary paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission on April 18th. Luckily, he gave himself a good window of time before partaking in any 4/20 activities (which, of course, would become legal nationwide under his watch).

    This news comes just a few weeks after police in Adams County, Ohio sued Afroman, alleging the rapper invaded their privacy by using security footage of them in his music videos. The clips were obtained when the plaintiffs raided Afroman’s home in August 2022 on suspicions of drug trafficking and kidnapping, which turned out to be unfounded.

    “Afroman’s ongoing persecution by the overtly corrupt Adams County Sheriff’s Department perfectly highlights that this corruption of leadership has trickled down to law enforcement all across the country,” his campaign manager Jason Savage said in a statement to TMZ. “Criminal Justice Reform and Federal Marijuana Legalization remain two of the primary planks in his campaign platform. We are asking for your support as Afroman takes on this great and worthy cause as our Cannabis Commander in Chief.”


    The 48-year-old Afroman broke out in 2001 with The Good Times, which included the hit songs “Because I Got High,” and “Crazy Rap,” also known as “Colt 45 and 2 Zig-Zags.” He has now released 18 studio albums, most recently 2022’s Lemon Pound Cake.

    Alongside his initial announcement, Afroman outlined eight key platforms of his presidential campaign. These include normal stuff (criminal justice reform, law enforcement reform), oft-discussed policies that struggle to find support among mainstream politicians (cannabis decriminalization, legalization of prostitution, reparations for Black Americans), truly wild ideas (the immediate halt of all foreign aid), and good vibes (promoting unity, peace, and love, and offering tax incentives for professional sports to increase celebratory displays, because as Afroman wrote, “Who doesn’t love dancing in the end zone?”).

    As an independent candidate, Afroman pledges to be “Our Cannabis Commander in Chief. Our Pot Head of State.” Check out Savage’s statement and a detailed breakdown of Afroman’s eight policy priorities below.


    Editor’s Note: This article was updated on April 21st to include TMZ’s report that Afroman had filed with the Federal Elections Commission.