Jai Paul Gives First Live Performance at Coachella: Video + Setlist

The notoriously reclusive artist makes his live debut

Jai Paul Coachella
Jai Paul at Coachella, photo via reddit

    The elusive artist Jai Paul came out of hiding this weekend to give his first-ever live performance — at Coachella, no less.

    His setlist included songs like “Higher Res,” “He,” “Crush, “BTSTU,” “Jasmine,” “Str8 Outta Mumbai, “Do You Love Her Now,” and “All Night,” along with a brand new track called “So Long.” He was joined by a full live band featuring his brother A.K. Paul (guitar), Fabiana Palladino (keyboards and backing vocals), Rocco Palladino (bass), and Isaac Kizito (drums).

    Paul thanked fans on Reddit ahead of his historic Coachella performance. “Just wanted to acknowledge the real heads over here and let u lot know how much I appreciate you lot sticking it out with me for all this time,” he wrote. “Hopefully it’s all gonna be worth it.”


    Update: After making his live debut at Coachella, Paul has confirmed new tour dates in New York and London.

    Paul broke out in 2010 with “BTSTU,” a song uploaded to Myspace that quickly caught the attention of Drake and Beyoncé despite his anonymity. Two years later, he released “Jasmine,” another track that captivated 2010s music blogs and DIY fans alike. In 2013, however, an album of unfinished songs was leaked online, devastating Paul and sending him even further into hiding. He finally released the songs on his own terms in 2019, and the album is now set to receive a vinyl pressing.

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    Higher Res (Big Boi cover) [Live debut]
    He (Live debut)
    Crush (Jennifer Paige cover)
    100,000 (Live debut)
    So Long (Live debut, new song)
    Chix (Live debut)
    All Night (Live debut)
    Do You Love Her Now (Live debut)
    Jasmine (Live debut)
    BTSTU (Live debut)
    Str8 Outta Mumbai (Live debut)