Two Irish People Filed FCC Complaints Against Jimmy Kimmel Over Oscars Joke

"I am personally insulted by him saying this because I am Irish American, among other ethnicities, and do not just fight anyone, especially men"

Jimmy Kimmel Oscars 2023 irish joke fcc complaints
Jimmy Kimmel at the Oscars, photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

    Jimmy Kimmel once again hosted the Oscars this year, though his monologue left a bad taste in a few mouths. The late-night comedian received two FCC complaints for his joke about Irish people, according to Rolling Stone.

    While speaking about the “diversity and inclusion” of this year’s Academy Awards, Kimmel commented on the number of Irish actors nominated for awards, throwing in a not-so-cheeky reference to the onstage slap between Will Smith and Chris Rock at the 2022 ceremony.

    “Five Irish actors are nominated tonight, which means the odds of another fight onstage just went way up,” Kimmel joked to the crowd as the camera zoomed in for reaction shots of Irish actor Colin Farrell. He then segued into noting how two prominent Black films, Till and The Woman King, weren’t nominated despite the Academy’s inclusive efforts.


    Both people feel as though repercussions should be taken against Kimmel, who has hosted the Oscars five other times, with one stating, “I am personally insulted by him saying this because I am Irish American, among other ethnicities, and do not just fight anyone, especially men.”

    The Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania resident continued, “Not only was I insulted if the writers wrote this line (showing a blatant lack of creativity) but also the fact that Jimmy Kimmel did not take the opportunity to adlib and correct the line with his own comment (showing his blatant lack of creativity as well). For all the trouble that I go through in life, and how much she [sic] potentially made from that comment, I think Jimmy Kimmel should be fired from ABC and never shown on television again.”

    A Canadian viewer, whose complaint may not be qualified due to their locale, shared similar sentiments. “[His] comments about Irish people were offensive as well as joking about the death of an actor (the late Mr. Robert Blake #RIP) and I felt that this was distateful [sic] for his family,” they said. “There were many other comments as well that discriminated. I live in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada across from Sault Ste Marie, Michigan but could not put my home address as it appears that you only take concerns from the USA. I did want to voice my concern as we pay to watch American TV. I have never put in a complaint before but felt compelled to do so.”


    Though he was not at the ceremony, Irish actor Liam Neeson chimed in as well, stating how he heard Kimmel was “being a bit racist” with those few quips. Revisit the monologue below.

    According to Rolling Stone, however, those were the only two complaints about this year’s award show, and they may not even lead to any repercussive action.

    “The FCC receives many complaints and comments that do not involve violations of the Communications Act or any FCC rule or order,” said the commission. “Thus, a complaint or comment does not necessarily indicate any wrongdoing by any individuals or entities named in the complaint or comment.”


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