Letter from the Editor: The Metallica Consequence Cover Story

The heavy metal giants are still full speed or nothin' after more than 40 years

metallica letter from the editor 72 seasons
Metallica, photos by Tim Saccenti

    Few artists have become as synonymous with the style of music they master as Metallica. I mean, it’s right there in the name. Over a 40-plus year career, the quartet have remained atop the metal mountain, no matter what or who has tried to push them from the peak.

    Which makes their new album, 72 Seasons (out April 14th, just a few months shy of the ruby anniversary of their Kill ‘Em All debut), that much more of fascinating entry in their catalog. The record is lyrically centered on the first 18 years of life, the struggles and pains and personal growth that occurs in those formative years. What does it look like when a group of thrashers nearly all 60 peer back at an age of pre-rock stardom partying?

    In the fifth edition of the Consequence cover story, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich and bassist Robert Trujillo tell us why being older and wiser is exactly why they could make this effort. The dynamics in the band have changed, the lessons they’ve learned have stuck, and their determination to stay engaged with their music and fans has only been strengthened. The duo discuss the lockdown origins of the new songs, and how the group keeps finding ways to maintain momentum.


    It’s a revealing look at what it means to be Metallica in 2023, from resolving conflicts before they begin to staying fit enough to keep wowing live crowds. Trujillo and Ulrich also consider the young musicians just coming out of their own first 72 seasons — including their own children — while looking toward what the future might hold for Metallica themselves.

    Read Metallica: Full Speed or Nothin’ here and check out the cover story artwork below. Then you can let us know who you think should grace the next Consequence cover.

    Ben Kaye
    Editorial Director

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