SUGA of BTS Kicks Off “Agust D Tour” in New York: Video + Setlist

Featuring favorites like "Daechwita," "Cypher pt. 3," and more

suga agust d
Suga, photo courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC

    He’s the king, he’s the boss: SUGA of BTS kicked off the “Agust D Tour” in style at the UBS Arena in New York on April 26th. The first member of the South Korean group to undertake a solo tour, SUGA performed cuts from his mixtapes as alter-ego Agust D, along with songs from BTS’s discography and tracks from his new full-length record, D-DAY (read the review here).

    While SUGA is hitting the US and Asia solo, he has plenty of nods to his bandmates onstage, like his guitar, which features messages and notes from the other six members of BTS. Meanwhile, in addition to his explosive and emotive solo tracks, the setlist for the concert includes a medley of tracks originally recorded and performed with fellow members of the BTS rap line, RM and j-hope, the latter of whom recently began his time in the South Korean military.

    The show began with two high-energy back-to-back Agust D singles, “Haegeum” and “Daechwita.” In addition to playing almost every track from his latest album, D-DAY, SUGA looped back to his second Agust D mixtape, D-2, for favorites like “People,” “Moonlight” and “Burn It” before pulling from the BTS catalogue for “Interlude: Shadow,” “Trivia: Seesaw,” and more. In addition to pulling out his guitar, he took to the piano for his rendition of “Life Goes On.”


    Check out the full setlist from the first night of the “D-DAY” Tour below, and scroll on for footage from the evening at the UBS Arena. (Anyone still looking for tickets to upcoming nights, can look for them here.)

    Agust D “D-DAY” Tour Setlist:
    Agust D
    Give it to me
    Trivia: Seesaw
    People Pt. 2
    Burn it
    Interlude: Shadow
    Medley: Cypher pt. 3: Killer/Cypher pt. 4/UGH!/Ddaeng/HUH?!
    Life Goes On
    Polar night
    Intro: Nevermind
    The Last