Arnold Schwarzenegger on His First TV Series and ‘80s Action Heroes

The legendary movie star talks about his new Netflix series, Fubar, and upcoming documentary

Arnold Schwarzenegger fubar podcast interview Kyle meredith
Kyle Meredith with Arnold Schwarzenegger (Netflix)

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Arnold Schwarzenegger joins Kyle Meredith to talk about his new Netflix series, Fubar, as well as the three-part documentary Arnold that’s set to follow.

The legendary actors tell us why he’s chosen Fubar, a spy-adventure story about a father and daughter who keep their lives as CIA agents secret from each other, as his first-ever television series. According to Schwarzenegger, it’s because “the time has come where TV series are really hip to do… It’s just a new way, with streaming, of having millions and millions of people get entertained. I’m just happy that it finally happened.”

He adds that it’s the same reason it took so long to turn one of his classic films, True Lies, into a show. “It takes sometimes a lot of time to get people convinced that it would be a good idea to do a TV series based on True Lies, as much as it has been difficult for me to convince them to do a series on Conan the Barbarian or Twins,” he explains. “I think all of those would be great ideas for a TV series, it’s just that sometimes it takes a long time to convince people.”

Schwarzenegger goes on to talk about how Ronald Regan’s presidency opened the door for Arnold’s type of action hero and how the press during Bill Clinton’s era tried to close it. He also explains how the man behind Pumping Iron, Terminator, and Twins doesn’t need a song to help him get pumped up.


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