Going There with Loren Gray: Accepting All the Different Parts of Ourselves

How the Guilty artist makes sense of the various experiences in her life

going there with loren gray wellness mental health depression podcast
Going There with Loren Gray, photo by Maya Spangler

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    Loren Gray’s reign on social media has been monumental. The singer-songwriter/influencer rose to prominence in part by lip syncing radio hits and eventually started working on her own music. Now, she’s one of the most followed individuals on TikTok.


    After launching her career with singles like “Queen” and “Anti-Everything,” she recently released her full-length debut, Guilty. Across songs like the title track, “Never Be Perfect,” and “Misery Loves Company,” the singer reveals that despite all her fame and success, there are still moments where she feels anything but happy.

    When she joins Dr. Mike on this episode of Going There, she discusses how she acknowledges all the parts of her mental health journey. In particular, she unpacks the processes she utilizes to try and understand the various experiences of her life, especially when it comes to her struggle with depression.

    “I feel like sometimes I sort of force myself into a state of false happiness, where I’m trying to convince myself that I’m happy when I’m really not,” she explains. “Sometimes I sort of fake it til I make it, I force myself into these very social, outgoing environments and convince myself that I’m happy and that everything is great.”


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    As a warning in case this topic is triggering for you, this episode features discussion of bullying and sexual assault as part of the conversation. If you experienced sexual assault and would like to reach out for support you can call the hotline for sexual assault support at 800-656-HOPE (4673).

    Those in need of mental health assistance can also check out the Sound Mind Live resources page for a list of helplines, community programs, therapy links, and more.


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