Mutoid Man Announce First Album in Six Years, Share “Call of the Void”: Stream

The band's Mutants LP arrives July 28th

mutoid man new album 2023
Mutoid Man, photo by Jason Zucco

    Mutoid Man have announced their first album in six years, Mutants, which drops July 28th. The lead single “Call of the Void” can be heard now.

    Not only is it the first new music in six years from the post-hardcore outfit, but it also marks the Mutoid Man debut of High on Fire bassist Jeff Matz, rounding out a veritable supergroup alongside Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky (vocals/guitar) and drummer Ben Koller of Converge fame.

    The trio meld together splendidly on “Call of the Void” — a five-minute romp of mathy licks, mosh-inducing breakdowns, and shout-along vocal hooks. We’re hearing a little bit of every member’s past work here, from the more angular post-hardcore leanings of Converge and Cave In, to the brutal up-tempo charge of High on Fire.


    The band also get props for arguably the most entertaining performance music video so far this year — directed by the minds behind Two Minutes to Late Night. The clip features each member “breaks out of their robotic confines, eventually transforming into their true mutant self.” Two takeaways: Brodsky and company are damn good at doing the robot; and the Two Minutes to Late Night crew should keep making music videos.

    Mutants will mark Mutoid Man’s third studio album following 2015’s Bleeder and 2017’s War Moans (the 2013 debut EP Helium Head is also notable). The group had remained fairly active since forming in 2012, touring with the likes of Danzig and Mastodon, but was “put on hold” — according to the band’s press release — due to the lineup swap, an exodus from Brooklyn, other musical projects (such as the return of Cave In), and the global pandemic.

    You can pre-order Mutants via Mutoid Man’s Hello Merch store. Watch the video for “Call of the Void” and see the album art and tracklist below.


    Mutants Artwork:

    mutoid man mutants

    Mutants Tracklist:
    01. Call of the Void
    02. Frozen Hearts
    03. Broken Glass Ceiling
    04. Siren Song
    05. Graveyard Love
    06. Unborn
    07. Siphon
    08. Demons
    09. Memory Hole
    10. Setting Sun