Paul Simon Reveals New Project Seven Psalms: Stream

The seven-movement composition is meant to be heard as one continuous piece of music

paul simon new project seven psalms
Paul Simon, photo by Jessica Gilbert

    Paul Simon has revealed a new musical project called Seven Psalms, a seven-movement composition meant to be heard as a continuous piece of music rather than an album. Stream it in full below.

    Produced by Simon and Kyle Crusham, Seven Psalms sees the legendary singer-songwriter play various acoustic instruments. He’s joined by singer Edie Brickell, as well as the British vocal ensemble VOCES8.

    Because the composition is meant to be heard as a single piece of music, Simon didn’t preview Seven Psalms with any singles. However, the artist did share a trailer for the project, in which he revealed the idea for the music came to him in a dream. “On January 15th, 2019, I had a dream that said, ‘You’re working on a piece called Seven Psalms,'” he recalled. “The dream was so strong that I got up and I wrote it down. But I had no idea what that meant.”


    Simon continued, “Gradually, information would come. I would start to wake up two or three times a week between 3:30 and 5:00 in the morning and words would come. I’d write them down, then start to put it together.”

    “I’m trying all the time to move things in this kind of flow way that puts you in a dream, and I think if you’re willing to fall in a dream space, you’re willing to let your judgment down.”

    Last year, Simon played his first show since he retired from touring in 2018 when he made a surprise appearance at the Newport Folk Festival.


    Seven Psalms Artwork:

    paul simon seven psalms new project artwork

    Seven Psalms Tracklist:
    01. The Lord
    02. Love Is Like a Braid
    03. My Professional Opinion
    04. Your Forgiveness
    05. Trail of Volcanoes
    06. The Sacred Harp
    07. Wait