Nicholas Britell Unveils Succession Season 4 Soundtrack: Stream

The final score to HBO's magnificent dramedy has arrived

succession season 4 soundtrack
Succession (HBO)

    Succession may be over, but you can listen to Nicholas Britell’s devastating, screeching score and stare off into the sunset with Kendall Roy forever. To coincide with the show’s finale, Britell has revealed the Season 4 score in full, which you can stream below.

    At 25 tracks, the final Succession soundtrack includes recurring melodies, like the show’s theme song and end credits, as well as music from specific moments in Season 4 — like Shiv’s resignation to Tom that “We gave it a go,” Logan’s impassioned (if not unsettling) “Pirates” speech at the offices at ATN, and Connor’s rightful proclamation that his siblings are nothing but “Needy love sponges.”

    “The score for Season 4 represents the culmination of my musical vision for Succession,” Britell said in a statement. “With its depths of pathos and its simultaneous capacity for comic absurdity, Succession has presented me with a truly extraordinary story to underscore. The 25 pieces on this album are a final summary of my music and of the sound I’ve created for the show. Working on Succession has meant so much to me, and I will forever be grateful to Jesse Armstrong, HBO, and our remarkable cast and crew.” The soundtrack marks the first release on the composer’s own label, Lake George Music Group.


    Revisit our recap of the Succession series finale, one of HBO’s darkest endings to date. Once you’ve recovered from that, read our feature on what it’s like to watch billionaires babble about a democracy-undermining business none of us will ever know — and how it’s okay if we don’t quite understand it.

    Succession: Season 4 (HBO Original Series Soundtrack) Artwork:

    succession season 4 soundtrack album artwork

    Succession: Season 4 (HBO Original Series Soundtrack) Tracklist:
    01. Succession (Main Title Theme) – Orchestral Intro Version
    02. Langsam – “We Gave It a Go”
    03. End Credits – Vivace Appassionato in G Minor
    04. Lento Nobile + Lento Pizzicato
    05. Allegro Bellicoso – “Pirates”
    06. Lamentoso – “Needy Love Sponges”
    07. Minuet in C Minor – English Horn – “I Need You”
    08. Phone Call
    09. Piano Solo + Elegy for Orchestra – “Logan’s Return”
    10. Lamentoso – Clarinets, Piano, Pizzicato Strings
    11. End Credits – “Action That”
    12. Pianos + 808 + Beat – “Welcome Home”
    13. Marcato e con Forza
    14. A Piacere di Nuovo
    15. Interlude – Ricercare – “On the Lot”
    16. Minuet in C Minor – Strings and Viola Solo
    17. Andante Espressivo – String Orchestra – “Number One Boy”
    18. “My Dear, Dear, World of a Father”
    19. Molto Grave – Recessional
    20. Elegy – Strings
    21. Lamentoso – Piano, Oboes, Strings
    22. Allegro in F Minor – Arrival at Waystar
    23. It’s Done
    24. Succession – Andante Risoluto
    25. End Credits – Choir and Orchestra – “With Open Eyes”