Bush’s Gavin Rossdale Shares Origins of “1000 Years” Duet with Amy Lee: Exclusive

The Evanescence singer appears on a new version of the track from the deluxe edition of The Art of Survival

Gavin Rossdale and Amy Lee origins
Gavin Rossdale (photo by Thomas Rabsch) and Amy Lee (photo by Nick Fancher)

    Origins is a recurring series that gives artists a space to break down everything that went into their latest release. Today, Gavin Rossdale takes us through his “1000 Years” duet with Amy Lee from Bush’s deluxe edition of The Art of Survival.

    Bush are set to unveil a deluxe edition of their 2022 album The Art of Survival this Friday (June 9th). In advance of the release, Gavin Rossdale is sharing the origins of a new version of the song “1000 Years” featuring a duet with Evanescence singer Amy Lee.

    Rossdale and Lee performed the song together during a Bush show at the famed Ryman Auditorium in Nashville in February of this year. Prior to joining the band onstage, Lee sent Rossdale a demo of her vocals on the track, bringing the Bush frontman to tears.


    “She sent me the song back with her vocal on it,” he told Audacy Music in an interview following the performance. “I did cry. I did. It was so beautiful, and I was so proud of that song, and it meant to me already. With Amy on it, it was just too good.”

    Now, with the studio version appearing on the deluxe edition of The Art of Survival, Rossdale is sharing the inspiration behind the track with Consequence.

    Listen to the new track below, followed by Rossdale’s breakdown of the song’s origins. Pre-save the deluxe version of The Art of Survival here, and catch Bush this summer as they play a number of US festival and headlining shows from mid July through early September (tickets available here).

    An Antidote to the Heaviness:

    Bush Antidote

    Photo by Diana Polekhina via Unsplash

    I wanted a song that was an antidote to the heaviness of the rest of the record. A contrast song.

    Hip-Hop, and You Don’t Stop:

    Bush Roland 808

    Image via Roland

    I wanted a song utilizing the classic Roland 808 drum machine. Always inspired by hip-hop and its hold on the world. The not-so-secret sauce of the rhythm.

    It Was Just Like a Dream:

    Bush Dream

    Image by Илья Мельниченко via Unsplash


    I wanted to write a song where the hook felt like falling into a dream backwards. Just giving in and letting go. Which is so hard for us to do.

    Pure Class:

    A duet. I’ve always wanted to do a duet — not a song featuring someone but a song like Bob Dylan and Emmy Lou Harris. I approached Amy Lee from Evanescence to sing “1000 Years” with me at the Ryman Auditorium — she replied to the song I sent by singing it with me. She has one my favorite voices ever and so to have her on this track is a mind blower. She is pure class.

    Very Man Ray:

    Bush Man Ray

    Man Ray’s “La Fortune”

    This song has a backwards guitar solo. I love the art of chance — very Man Ray. In those twists and turns and miscalculations, there’s magic to be found.