Heart’s Nancy and Ann Wilson Are Writing New Music Together Again

Nancy describes the new music as "closer to what you would have heard us originally do in the '70s"

Heart Nancy and Ann Wilson working on new music
Heart’s Nancy and Ann Wilson, photo by Norman Seeff (Sony Legacy)

    After a few tumultuous years that saw them have a falling out and then reconciling, sisters Nancy and Ann Wilson of Heart are working on new music together.

    Seven years after Heart released their last album (2016’s Beautiful Broken), Nancy revealed that the wheels are turning on new music in a conversation with Joe Rock of New York radio station 102.3 WBAB. In the interview, she also talked about some of her other musical projects, including one called “Tomboy,” which sees her covering songs originally written by men.

    “I think right now I’ve been working on ‘Tomboy’ the most because I love the title, for one thing; it’s almost like boygenius or something,” she explained (as transcribed by Blabbermouth). “But I’ve got a bunch of new ideas for songs. But I’ve also been writing new music with Ann, too. So it’s a real creative time. I think being on [my] tour right now, when I get home, I’m gonna really dig into the other projects, including finishing some new material with Ann. So, it’s really a good time to be creative. And I’ve got a new studio in my house, and so I can’t wait to sort of run tape on stuff.”

    She continued, “I’ve also worked a bit with Sue Ennis, who used to work a lot with me and Ann for Heart music. And so I have some lyrics mainly that I worked on with Sue and took to Ann. And there’s a couple of things that I’m really excited about. Very cool. Like stuff that you wouldn’t have heard us do in the ’80s. [It’s] closer to what you would have heard us originally do in the ’70s, late ’70s. So it’s really fun. It’s just exciting and inspiring.”


    Nancy and Ann had a falling out following a 2016 incident in which Ann’s husband was arrested for assaulting Nancy’s teenage twin sons. The sisters would reconcile for the 2019 “Love Alive” tour, but haven’t played a Heart show together since then. In the past couple years, they’ve embarked on separate tours but have insisted they are on good terms.

    While there was mention of a possible Heart tour in celebration of this year’s 50th anniversary of the band, as of now Nancy and Ann each have different outings booked for 2023. Nancy just kicked off a run of US shows that wrap up June 18th in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, with tickets available here. Ann, meanwhile, will hit the road for a summer North American tour beginning July 7th in Toronto. Tickets for her shows can be purchased here.

    Nancy added that she’s glad to be collaborating on new music with her sister again. “It’s been a really nice kind of rediscovery of our relationship, working on music together again,” she said. “So, yeah, I’m really happy about that.”


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