Matty Healy Kisses Security Guard at The 1975 Concert: Watch

The "Robbers" kiss bit continues

matty healy kisses security guard
Matty Healy of The 1975, photo via Twitter

Kissing fans, eating raw meat, getting tattooed on stage, being racist… What will Matty Healy not do? This week in Pop Star Attempts Rock Star Shenanigans, The 1975 singer kissed a security guard during a show in Warsaw, Denmark.

The video is pretty straightforward: After coming down to a platform below the main stage during “Robbers,” Healy plants one on the guard, prompting both men — and the crowd — to cheer. Soon after, Healy pulls the staffer close, and the crew member tries to kiss him again. Clearly he follows Healy’s stage antics. Check out the clip below.

The 1975 are in the midst of a European tour, and tickets are on sale now here. As for their frontman, Healy has been in the news for his new romance with Taylor Swift — which led curious Swifties to investigate Taylor’s new man by bumping The 1975’s streaming numbers. Given Healy’s recent disparaging comments on Ice Spice, not everyone’s happy about Swift’s involvement with the singer, though Healy insists his racism “doesn’t actually matter.” What a guy!


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