Lucinda Williams on Working with Springsteen, Learning from Petty, and the Brilliance of Dylan

The legendary songwriter digs into her guest-heavy new album, Stories from a Rock n Roll Heart

lucinda williams stories from a rock n roll heart podcast interview Kyle Meredith
Kyle Meredith with Lucinda Williams, photo by Danny Clinch

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    Legendary singer-songwriter Lucinda Williams sits down with Kyle Meredith to discuss her latest album, Stories from a Rock n Roll Heart, a collection born out of surviving a tornado, a stroke, and more.

    Williams reflects on her musical journey, emphasizing her deep-rooted connection to Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited, as well as the profound impact late Tom Petty had on her life and career.

    “It seems to me like he never forgot where he came from and what he came from and what it was like before he was famous,” she says of Petty. By way of example, she recalls how Petty helped reel in crowds who, while “pretty receptive for the most part,” demonstrated some poor etiquette towards her as an opener. “I think someone even threw a banana peel on stage one night,” she says.

    She continues, “Tom, he picked up on what was going on. One night I went on stage to get ready to start my set, and Tom walked out, he followed me on stage, went up to the microphone and said, ‘Hey, people, I want you to pay attention to this next artist, she’s real good, and y’all pay attention and everything.'”


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    She then runs through the new album’s all-star features, including a collaboration with Bruce Springsteen, another with Angel Olsen, and one even inspired by the movie The Outsiders.

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