RM of BTS Teases Group Reunion in 2025: “It’s a Journey to Get Home”

The group leader discussed his vision for all seven members coming back together post-enlistment

BTS at the Grammys
BTS at the Grammys, photo via Getty

    In a recent livestream on Weverse, RM confirmed that BTS intends to reunite in 2025, reinforcing the vision the group originally shared when a “second chapter” was announced in June of 2022.

    As the members of BTS are completing their mandatory enlistment period in the South Korean military and sharing solo projects in the interim, the leader of the world-dominating group turned an eye towards the future and a return for the septet in full. While viewing a recent fan project, “Love Letter from ARMY,” he interjected: “It’s ongoing, it’s not the end. You guys know that, right?” Ever philosophical, the writer and rapper continued, “I hope that it is a reminder that spring will come again. Please continue to keep BTS alive in your hearts, in this moment and perhaps throughout your entire life.”

    Conducting the livestream from his studio, RM also teased another individual project in progress, a follow-up to 2022’s stellar Indigo. In the meantime, though, bandmate V is gearing up for his solo release, while SUGA recently wrapped his D-DAY world tour, a nod to his solo project of the same name. With the tally of Jimin’s FACE and j-hope’s Jack in the Box, only details for a full project from Jung Kook remain to be seen, whose single has been burning up the charts in the meantime. And, of course, Jin released his heartfelt single “The Astronaut” featuring Coldplay before his enlistment period began in 2022.


    RM reflected on the members’ solo activities, saying, “Even though we’re doing our solo activities on our own… what I’m thinking these days when I’m doing my solo projects is that this is just like a vacation.”

    According to the group leader, while this has been a rewarding time and a great opportunity for all seven members of BTS to dig into their more individualized creative endeavors, the goal remains to come back together on the original timeline presented. Jin will be the first member to be discharged from the military — current projections still have his release date slated for June 12th, 2024. He’ll be followed by j-hope and then SUGA, the latter of whom was the most recent to officially begin the enlistment process.

    “It’s all to get back to where I was, which was BTS and ARMY,” RM said. “It is a very important journey for Chapter 2. But it’s a journey to get back home safe.”

    Also during the livestream, RM showed off his fresh buzz cut, and said he hoped people liked it, while insisting it had nothing to do with his own enlistment timeline.

    “Eventually, when we get back and reunite together in 2025… We’ll be joining together again,” he promised. “And that will be in 2025.”

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