10 Philadelphia Records Speedy Ortiz Thinks Every Music Fan Should Own

Tunes from the City of Brotherly Love

philadelphia records speedy Ortiz crate digging rabbit rabbit interview
Speedy Ortiz, photo by Shervin Lainez

    Crate Digging is a recurring feature that takes a deep dive into music history to turn up several albums all music fans should know. In this edition, Sadie Dupuis and Joey Doubek of Speedy Ortiz chat about their favorite records from Philadelphia.

    Even as the Internet “democratized” music and music publishing, local scenes still have a profound influence over artists and fans alike. Bands establish relationships with each other, new performers cut their teeth, and basement shows inspire new generations to pick up instruments — it’s a delicate but important ecosystem. Philadelphia, city of brotherly love, is no different, and Speedy Ortiz is proud to be a part of its musical legacy.

    Originally based out of Massachusetts, Speedy Ortiz has called Philly home since 2016. Since then, they’ve grown to become ingrained in the culture, collaborated with fellow Philadelphia artists and watched as various acts from the scene grow to garner wider and wider acclaim.


    “Not only do I love Alex [G]’s music, but I’m going to use it as a metaphor for what brought me to Philly — this amazing music scene,” singer Sadie Dupuis says while discussing Alex G’s DSU. “It’s also been cool to see… this amazing scene hitting people nationally and internationally.”

    Speedy Ortiz’s latest record, the upcoming Rabbit Rabbit (out tomorrow, September 1st), is their newest contribution to the sonic identity of Philadelphia. Hidden within their indie riffage and melodic choruses are hints towards the city’s past, from John Schmersal’s project Enon to ’70s punkers Pure Hell. To celebrate the release of the record and the city from which it comes, we connected with Dupuis and drummer Joey Doubek to chat about 10 essential Philadelphia records, including recent favorites like Soul Glo and boundary-pushers like Moor Mother.

    Check out their full selection of some of the best Philly records below. The band is also set to tour off of the back of Rabbit Rabbit, and you can pick up tickets here.