Boy George Is a Big Fan of Napalm Death: “Totally Tight Band”

The Culture Club singer thoroughly enjoyed a concert by the grindcore veterans

Boy George fan of Napalm Death
Boy George (publicity) and Napalm Death (photo by Melinda Oswandel)

    Culture Club singer Boy George blessed the music world with some of the most infectious pop songs of the 1980s, but that doesn’t preclude him from enjoying some of the most extreme music ever made. Turns out that the British pop icon is a big fan of UK grindcore veterans Napalm Death.

    On X (formerly Twitter), Boy George noted that he caught one of Napalm Death’s recent shows in Australia, marveling at the band’s musical skills and commending sociopolitical-minded singer Barney Greenway for his onstage banter.

    “Saw the noise monsters @officialND last night and my ears are still ringing,” he wrote. “Loved all of the stuff Barney had to say. Totally tight band (no other way of saying it, lol) Hey Barney see you at the coffee counter! Comment of the night ‘shut up you fresh faced fucker.'”


    In addition to his comment, Boy George also shared video of one of Greenway’s onstage speeches, where the Napalm Death frontman exclaimed, “Attempting to erase the notion of somebody for living by their biological code – I ask you, what the fuck is wrong with people? I try not to be fucking nasty about people in general, but I will say this: if you think that that’s the way forward for a better world for somebody, you can go fuck yourself!”

    Boy George was in Australia touring with Culture Club. The outing followed a headlining US summer tour that featured support from Howard Jones and Berlin.

    Napalm Death, meanwhile, have a series of shows in the UK and France booked for October and November, with a Japan tour to follow in December. Pick up tickets to their upcoming gigs here.

    See Boy George’s post about Napalm Death below.