Corey Taylor Releases Sophomore Solo Album CMF2: Stream

The Slipknot frontman's second solo offering is a joyful exploration of his musical lexicon

corey taylor cmf2 stream
Corey Taylor, photo by Pamela Littky

    Corey Taylor has released his sophomore solo album, CMF2

    The album sees the Slipknot frontman, who graces our latest Consequence Cover Story, surrounded by a cast of musicians he also calls his pals: bassist Eliot Lorango, drummer Dustin Robert, and guitarists Zach Throne and Christian Martucci.

    Taylor and company worked alongside producer Jay Ruston on a set of songs that traverses the singer’s musical background. There’s grungy Alice in Chains nods like “Dead Flies,” fast punk rock (with guitarwork from Taylor himself) on “Talk Sick”, heavy alternative metal (“Beyond”) and references to his acoustic/folk influences like Ani DiFranco and Ray LaMontagne (“Breath of Fresh Smoke”).

    Notably the album was recorded using an old-school, hands-on approach that eschewed the use of heavy post-production and digital plugins. Rather, the songs were tracked live with some overdubbing, giving the LP a raw and live sound that is becoming more infrequent in modern hard rock. Taylor credited Ruston on achieving that sense of tangible realness.


    “That’s what differentiates him from all of the quote-unquote modern producers, because they rely so much on the computer for the talent,” Taylor told Consequence. “That just ends up sounding like a fucking straight line from point A to point B, where as Jay knows how to create the journey with us.”

    The release of the album comes amidst Taylor’s ongoing US solo tour, which runs through an October 7th set at the Aftershock festival in Sacramento, California.

    For more on Corey Taylor and his new album, CMF2, check out Consequence‘s new cover story. In celebration of the story, we’ve collaborated with Taylor on an exclusive merch capsule featuring a photo print of the cover image and a T-shirt printed with a “pinup patch” cutout of the singer himself. Created from the photography of Marina Hunter, both are available now at the Consequence Shop or by using the buy-now buttons below — bundle them together for a discounted price!

    You can pick up a copy of the album on vinyl here and stream it in full below.