10 Music Emoji’s That Would Make the World a Better Place



    Component is a section of  Aux.Out. for one-off pieces, special editorials, and lost orphans of the music discussion. Today, Alejandra Ramirez pushes Aux.Out. into the visual art world, with 10 emojis that would be pretty helpful in expressing complex emotions. 


    The cool thing about emojis is that they are universally understood, and gives us a small excuse to blame our laziness on our veiled ingenuity. We’ve all been there. Instead of saying how excited you are for landing that new job, just put a simple smiley face. Instead of saying how much you actually like your crush, just put that smiley with heart eyes. It’s simple. Yeah, it may be a little basic, and further proof that we’re slipping into an age of emotional detachment, but who cares, right? (insert unsure face emoji)

    But let’s be real – since the Internet has the attention span of a house fly, everyone gets bored fast. So even though you may have been excited to text with the new batch of emojis, the next day you were either bored or resorted to the usual set. This is probably why people have upgraded to chatstickers (a more detailed emoji) that have already been making emojis out of celebrities and musicians like Ghostface, Ron English, Jason Derulo and more. So we thought we would build on that list, and add some more of your most controversial and interesting music artists. 

    10. Lana Del Rey


    Because we always feel young and beautiful at one point. Or your face is swelling due to an allergic reaction.

    9. Nicki Minaj


    After listening to Nicki’s “Monster” verse, it will have you feeling some type of way.

    8. Drake


    For all your sad days when #nwts.

    7. Marilyn Manson


    Given Manson’s fascination with the occult, we thought it was sort of fitting.

    6. Michael Jackson


    No one is cool as MJ, or at least can maintain the appearance of confidence in the sea of public scrutinypveefvc

    5. Amy Winehouse


    Everyone has had one of those nights.

    4. Kanye West Shrug


    To all the stupid fuccbois, just send them a Kanye shrug.

    3. Miley Cyrus


    The original emoji with the tongue out has gotten boring anyway.

    2. Lady Gaga


    Pa-pa-pa Poker Face.

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